Why this LED backpack is the most popular gift in 2020

The backpack can be controlled by the mobile phone APP, which supports the iOS/Android system. The mobile phone connects and controls the backpack through the Wifi hotspot in the bag. The APP has rich functions. You can send text, pictures, and GIF animations to the LED screen of the backpack. The screen brightness, display mode and other parameters can also be adjusted through the APP. The LED screen of the backpack is powered by a mobile power supply and can work when it is plugged in. The power consumption is also very low. The 10,000 mA power bank can be used for up to 6-10 hours, so you don’t have to worry about running out of power throughout the day or night…

How is it, seeing such attractive advantages, are you excited about our products?

Are you tired of going to school with the same backpack? Are you tired of carrying a cookie-cutter backpack to work? Are you tired of shopping with a cookie-cutter backpack? Are you tired of traveling with the same backpack? With this backpack of ours, you can carry it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can become a new star in the school, you can become the focus of the company, you can become a star on the street, you can become The most attractive leader on the journey…

With a display dot matrix of 64 pixels * 64 pixels, you can display text, gif animation, pictures, etc. on our backpack. All the content can be customized by yourself, as long as a mobile phone is enough!

You can just type in text and send it to your LED backpack, and you can let people around you know what you want to say; by inputting pictures and animations, you can tell people around you your emotions, your happiness, and your Sorrow, your anger; With this LED backpack, you can make your backpack scroll and broadcast holiday themed pictures during the holidays, so that your backpack will look new every new holiday; with our backpack, you can still Turn it into a mobile billboard, and you can also enjoy unexpected income from advertising!

8 Reasons that our LED backpack become popular:

1.Full-color screen, display screen more wonderful

2.Support dynamic text, pictures, GIF animation

3.System with template, easy and convenient operation;

4.Support custom content, make and upload your favorite content anytime, anywhere;

5.Multi-storage space, large capacity can be installed;

6.Adopt waterproof fabric to protect LED screen;

7.The shoulder strap is made of honeycomb and breathable;

8. Hangable design, add trolley strap fixing strap

High plastic adjustable living buckle, suitable for a variety of travel scenarios; comfortable and portable, ergonomic design, improve the comfort of the hand;

Metal zipper, high-quality double-head metal zipper, beautiful and decent;

Screen protection layer, matte material, can effectively eliminate reflections.”

Scenes to be used with our LED backpack

Business promotion

Brand Promotion    

Opening ceremony     


product marketing   

Fan support         

Go shopping

Commute to work     


YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpbYxS3XRyWcpo9bwCDX7FQ

Office Online Store: https://biosledbackpack.com/

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