How To Keep Your Home Cool With Solar Energy?

It is almost unbelievable that with the correct technology, the bright fireball in the sky that we refer to as “the sun” can be used to cool your house. Solar-powered air conditioning is a real thing that is being used for both small and large-scale applications worldwide right now. Conduction of heat has long been a feature of solar-assisted thermal cooling systems for all of your home’s appliances. Now all appliances including the air conditioner and toaster can be powered by contemporary photovoltaic (PV) electric solar panel systems. 

Solar air conditioning for home

The average cost to homeowners of running their air conditioning at home is $29 billion a year. Even though everyone enjoys cooling off on a hot day, some people find it difficult to unwind because they are aware that using an air conditioner for an extended period of time will result in a higher monthly electric utility bill for the property. 

Can a solar panel power the whole home air conditioning system?

Yes, the majority of solar energy providers will calculate the PV system size to account for the energy used by the air conditioning system throughout the house. Actually, swamp coolers and portable air conditioners are just two examples of the electrical cooling systems in your home that can be powered by residential solar energy systems. 

How many solar panels are required for air conditioning?

The wattage and runtime of the air conditioner (AC) determine how many solar panels are required to run it. Let’s assume that, at the height of summer, using the air conditioner at home adds roughly 600 kWh of electricity to your monthly electricity bills. In this case, you would require roughly 20 kWh, or 20,000 watt-hours, of solar capacity per day. A 4,000 watt or 4 kilowatt solar energy system could produce 20,000 watt-hours of power (20,000 watt-hours / 5 hours of direct sunlight) during approximately 5 hours of peak sunlight per day. You could install 16 highly efficient 250-watt solar panels to achieve this capacity.  There are number of other ways to reduce the amount of power required to maintain a comfortable interior temperature in your home besides installing solar panels. Of course, we are also lucky to live in a time where portable solar air conditioning is now a reality, allowing us to stay cool wherever we go. 

Portable solar air conditioning

Portable solar air conditioners are now officially available for purchase, though most retailers and online sellers are finding it difficult to maintain stock. A portable air conditioner is a great choice for short indoor or outdoor uses, such as camping trips, boating afternoons, and other similar activities. It can provide powerful cooling wherever it is carried to. 

They are incredibly simple to plug in and use with solar panels that are sold separately. 

Final thoughts

Therefore, solar air conditioning can be used this summer to stay comfortable whether you are sitting inside or outside in the harsh weather. Air conditioning and solar power can work together to create the ideal solution for anyone trying to reduce their monthly costs or carbon guilt by using an affordable and emission-free source of electricity. Beyond air conditioning, you might be shocked to hear about all the other fantastic solar-powered products that can support a greener lifestyle this summer and help you save money and the environment. 

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