Rockford car accident: How your lawyer can prove liability

Following a car accident in Rockford, you may have many questions. Can you sue the driver who is responsible for the mishap? What damages can you recover? Illinois is a fault state for auto accidents. If a driver is reckless and responsible for an accident, they are accountable for losses endured by others. However, you have to prove their fault, and that’s where you need an attorney. You need to get legal advice from an experienced injury lawyer who will take steps to prove liability. Here’s more on how your lawyer can prove your case.

  • Hire accident reconstruction specialists: In many cases, it isn’t possible to determine who is liable for an accident from the photos and videos alone. Your attorney can rely on accident reconstruction specialists who often use extensive methods to recreate the situation and can offer relevant insights.
  • Talk to witnesses: If you have the contact details of witnesses, your lawyer will talk to them and determine how things may have unfolded at the crucial time. The views of the witnesses are relevant because it offers different perspectives than yours. Your lawyer needs to know beyond what you have told them.
  • Engage experts: Depending on the demands of the case, your attorney may work with experts. For example, a medical professional could be essential to explain how severe your injuries are. If the vehicle had design defects, your lawyer could get an automotive engineer to be a witness.
  • Analyze police reports: Lawyers often need to spend time analyzing police reports, which contain all details, including the officer’s view on the case. The police report is a critical piece of evidence and can help establish liability. Your lawyer will also check if all details are included.
  • Review videos and photos: Your lawyer will go through available footage, videos and photos to find out how the accident may have happened. At times, evidence could be obtained from security cameras around the area. The images you may have taken after the accident are also relevant.
  • Check the other party’s driving records: If the driver was responsible for similar accidents or traffic violations in the past, that could be a great element for your claim. Your lawyer may use these records to strengthen the case and prove that the other party was reckless.

Check with a car accident lawyer as soon as you are hurt in a traffic mishap. They will have more time to find details and work on the case.

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