Tips To Get The Best Hair Removal Treatment In Ahmedabad

Laser hair removal treatment in Ahmedabad has recently seen an upwards trend with both men and women alike opting in for the treatment. The reasons for such a spike with so many people preferring this treatment is because of  it’s non- invasive cosmetic procedure that uses a highly concentrated laser beam to penetrate the hair follicles.  Well if you’ve had your share to those unwanted hair and are thinking about laser hair removal then let’s learn how you can maximise the results with these helpful tips:

Begin with A Consultation

With consultation all treatment plans begin. That is the first step. During the consultation, clients can meet with a medical professional to review their medical history, discuss treatment objectives, clarify how the procedure works, discuss what kinds of outcomes the client may expect and decide whether the client will be a good candidate for care. Consultations are fast and last from 15 to 20 minutes.

Be prepared

Practitioners may suggest clients arriving with freshly shaven treated areas for their laser hair removal appointment. Don’t wax any of the areas before treatment. With waxing, follicular hair is removed. For the removal of hair via laser treatment the hair follicle must be preserved in the treated areas. The hair follicle is the pigment that the hair removal laser requires in order to be successful. If the hair follicle is not in place, instead of removing hair, the laser will burn the skin.

If underarms are one of the places that should be treated, practitioners recommend that clients arrive without any deodorant on for their laser hair removal appointment.

Have achievable expectations for treatment

Laser hair removal can permanently minimise body hair but there is no conclusive evidence that it will eliminate ALL body hair permanently. Nothing like total removal of hair exists. Clients do not expect laser hair removal to be 100 percent hairless. Many clients experience a substantial reduction in the amount of body hair that will grow back after undergoing a series of treatments for laser hair removal. the hair that grows back appears to be short, delicate and lighter in colour. Through the removal of laser hair, you ‘re reducing the amount of shaving you need to do in the future, while reducing the amount and thickness of the hair that grows back.

Timing Is Everything

The best time of year to obtain removal of laser hair is when the skin is least exposed to the sun.

A lot of variables will depend on the best time of year for treatment. First off, the lifestyle of the client – does the client spend a lot of time outside revealing his skin? Second, how tanned a client’s skin is can depend on it. The darker the skin, the less energy the laser can use to ensure a safe and successful treatment. With laser energy reduction, more sessions will be required to get the desired results.

While laser hair removal is one of the preferred ways of removing those unwanted hair, there is another way of hair removal as well. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a wonder drug that the human body produces. Everyone has it in them. When you scrap your knee, the skinned area will soon be covered by a black, sticky-looking material. That substance later becomes a scab.

PRP is the yellow sticky material that initiates the healing process and will see it through to completion. PRP hair loss therapy is a three-stage medical procedure in which a person’s blood is drawn, processed, and then injected into the scalp.

So if you are looking for laser hair removal treatment or PRP hair treatment in Ahmedabad be sure to contact The Skin Artistry.

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