How Voyzapp is providing professional voice over services to top advertising firms

Businesses today know the importance of aligning their advertisements with their specific brand message. As much as video content in an advertisement is important in getting the attention of the consumers, the quality of audio content is just as crucial. There is much power and effectiveness in an audio whether with a video or as a standalone medium. An ideal advertisement is persuasive and credible enough to motivate the customers to take a Call-To-Action, and this can only be achieved through professional Advertisement voice overs that can connect the brand with the audience and portray its authenticity. 

While hiring an artist via a conventional voice over agency might seem an easy task, it sometimes gets difficult to find the right voice for your project. The whole experience of finding the right agency amidst numerous middlemen and broken payment infrastructure can be exhaustive for anyone. Another major factor that contributes in this whole process is delivery or turn-around time. The conventional process of voice over dictates that the voice actor has to go through various bouts of auditions to land any voice over recording project and the hiring exercise involves countless intermediaries in various steps which makes it more and more tedious.

To eradicate the hassle of chasing various conventional service agencies, Voyzapp is working to make this whole voice over process more customized and immaculate. Voyzapp is India’s first online voice over marketplace that provides a platform to thousands of professional voice over actors, working in 30+ languages and various categories, roles, genres and accents. The company offers high quality recording services – all at a button’s click. The process is simple: Browse through the matrix of hundreds of samples, listen to innumerable recorded auditions and select the one that fits your requirements. Not only this, the users can even compare the prices of countless artists and sort them on the basis of costs and delivery time. With various categories like advertisement, radio, IVR and many more, one has the option to easily classify their requirements, hence saving time and intensive hassle of follow ups. The professional voice actors of Voyzapp have the proficiency to deliver exactly what they promise so and you can be ascertained that the final output will meet the needs of your advertisement. Just like sports gear is a must have for athletes, behind the success of a quality recording is a well-equipped recording studio. The artists of Voyzapp are adept in their craft and have the technical knowledge of handling the studio equipment and their exceptional recordings will make the world of difference to your creative project. The company has extensive experience in providing multilingual dubbing services and that too at a cost-effective price. The professional team of sound engineers, technicians and expert voice actors will ensure that the recorded output is of highest clarity.

By providing an ease of evaluation and comparison of voice artists, Voyzapp promises an unmatched and user-friendly customer experience! The option of reviewing the artist’s profile gives Voyzapp an edge over the conventional way of hiring the voice actor. Because of a transparent model where one pays for the voice that is selected solely by the user, Voyzapp is able to deliver projects to you at unbelievable turn-around time! By emerging one of the leading tech start-ups of India, Voyzapp is accessible to both artists and users. Their robust feedback mechanism and efficient Escrow funds are designed such that the payments are only disbursed to the talent, once the user is fully satisfied with the quality of the audio. The intuitive dashboard provides live updates about the project one can request for multiple revisions, guaranteeing full customer satisfaction!

Being the reputable voice over company, Voyzapp has always served as a remote voice over platform and even though the industry suffers in the light of the current pandemic, Voyzapp has continued to provide high quality services at fast turnaround time. Also, the company has ensured that the voice artists keep getting new projects to diversify their skills and has always strived to match the voice artists with the best and relevant voice over project. Quick and prompt payments as well as global opportunities have ensured that the artists get continuous exposure to new projects. The portal has amplified the expertise of many professional artists and has given ample space to emerging voice actors to explore fresh opportunities by registering themselves and uploading their voice samples and demos. 

Always remember that the professional voice over artist literally becomes the voice of your brand so it’s important that one picks the right actor. A professional company like Voyzapp will help you to get matched with the right voice and will elevate your brand message globally!

About the Company

As the largest online voice over marketplace, Voyzapp offers professional voice over recording services and high quality dubbing services through its vast network of voice actors, sound engineers and audio directors. The platform has a network of 10000+ voice actors who work in multiple languages, numerous categories and umpteen genres and provide affordable, efficient and quick recording services.

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