Oops! 4 mistakes you make during home renovation

Home renovation strengthens the structure of your house. The small, big, sundry repairs in the house help it live stronger and longer. Timely renovation activities are necessary to stay updated on the part of maintenance. 

Your plans for home renovation may go wrong if you make mistakes. Unknowingly sometimes we take wrong turns that obstruct the fulfilment of the actual purpose of renovation. 

What are the home renovation mistakes? How to improve or avoid them?

Read everything here and make sure that your home is safe from the wrong treatment. 

  1. You didn’t measure the spaces correctly? Oh OOOO!!

It is an absolute invitation to a nightmare. Home renovation is about adding perfection to your home while removing flaws. If you spoil its basics, how can the desired outcome occur? 

Buying a cabinet set to finally find out that the measurement you took is slightly big or small is a mess. OR Installation of a new oven where the result is the less or no space for the fridge. Oh, God!! Such a massive waste of money and time. There are so many things that can go wrong when you fail to measure a space correctly. Buying a cabinet set to finally find out that the measurement you took is slightly too big or small, so now your new oven or fridge doesn’t quite fit. Or you just purchased the perfect corner lounge set, and now it doesn’t fit in the room because you mismeasured it. Oh, God!! Such a massive waste of time and money.

  • How to avoid/improve? 

Measure a space twice or thrice to make sure that the figures of measurement are correct. Make clean and categorised notes of all the calculations in an excel sheet or a diary. Do not let them mix otherwise; it can create a bigger problem. Never leave loopholes on this part; it is the foundation of the whole renovation thing. If you are not skilled in the measurement thing, take help but do not do any experiment on this part.

  1. Not taking professional help 

It is good to rely on the DIY (Do it yourself) practice, but few things demand specialisation and expertise of that particular field. The architects and interior designers exist in the industry for some reasons. They know the technicalities of design and own the skill on how to manage and use the spaces. Doing things on your own is nothing but a BIG RISK. 

  • How to avoid/improve? 

You know what this means and also what should be the solution. YES!! Absolutely right!! Use your intelligence and do only those repairs and renovation things that are possible. For the rest of the things, hire a professional. It saves money, and the work attains perfection. Do not forget! Mistakes are always expensive.  

  1. Renovation without a permit is always in risk 

A construction, whether at a small scale or a larger scale, may need some permit. If your renovation plan includes any restructuring of the house, legal permission is necessary. The local administration can destroy faulty construction. If you’re getting a dumpster rental for your renovation, you’ll also need proper permits if you’re placing it on the street.

  • How to avoid/improve? 

Before any construction in the house, do in-depth research on the requirement of a permit. If possible, ask any government official about any necessary permit. Everything should be done in compliance with the construction rules set by the local administration. From the height to the width of the house, if there are any changes, it is vital to follow the set parameters.

  1. Mismanaged budget

Money management mistakes leave an overall effect on the complete home renovation plan because for everything money is needed. Last-minute expenses and wrong money calculation can harm all your plans BADLY L 

  • How to avoid/improve? 

Always pre-plan things on the finance part. It is advisable that at least before six months, you should start efforts on the arrangement of money. There are different ways for that. You can arrange funds through savings, line of credit, personal loan etc. Equity release is also a good option and is available in every product from first-time buyer mortgages or self-employed mortgages. Whatever option you choose, do not forget that you have to repay it (if it is not from savings).


Sometimes changing the approach can help avoid mistakes. Here are some home renovation ideas to avoid pitfalls.

Keep things simple Do not make things complicated work on simpler ideas, such as changing the fitting may help you avoid the need for restructuring.
Renovation only at the required places It is not necessary to renovate the complete house. Just mark the spots and treat them with the most straightforward techniques. Lesser spots, lesser chances of mistakes.
Put a budget limit When you have a decided amount, you act extra conscious and thus try to avoid the mistakes as much as possible. The money limit never lets you act carefree.
Use repurposed material In place of buying a new thing such as a cabinet that could not fit due to the wrong measurement, repurpose the old things. You avoid the mistake of buying the wrong thing by replacing it from the art of repurposing.  


Mistakes help you learn new things, but when it comes to home renovation, the same mistakes cause a significant loss of money. Talk to the people around who have gone through the same experience; they can be your guide and prevention shield from blunders.

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