Everything You Need to Do After Motorcycle Accidents

It’s never going to happen to me, surely.

That’s what everyone thinks before they get into a motorcycle accident. The unfortunate truth is that the longer you ride, the more chance there is of having an accident.

Nobody wants to get into a motorcycle accident, but it’s important to be prepared in case you do. Keep reading to find out everything you need to do after motorcycle accidents.

Collect Yourself and Check for Injuries

Before you even think about anything else, take a few seconds to compose yourself. Instead of letting your emotions get the better of you, try to gather yourself and calm down. Next, check yourself for injuries.

The adrenaline rush after an accident might mask an injury. That’s why it’s important to check yourself thoroughly for any signs of pain or bleeding.

Remember, safety first! If you or anyone else is hurt, call 911 right away. If you’re feeling really shaken up, lie down and elevate your feet.

Get Out of the Way of Harm

Once you’ve assessed yourself for injuries, you should move yourself and your bike out of harm’s way. There’s a chance you might have suffered a concussion so don’t get up too quickly. 

If you’re lucky enough to end up away from the road, then stay there. If not, move to somewhere safe where there’s no danger from oncoming traffic.

Call the Police

If you didn’t call 911, call the police and let them know you’ve been involved in an accident. Once a police officer arrives at the scene of the crash, they will write up a police report. This is an important document to have when illustrating the details of your case.

The police will also keep their own record of the accident which may come in handy later. If you can, take down the policeman’s name and badge number. You can give this information to your attorney who will follow up if he needs to.

Gather Information

Next, it’s important to gather as much useful information as you can. Take note of your surroundings, including the road conditions and any vehicles involved. The best way to do this is to take photos and videos of the accident site.

Collect statements from witnesses and note down their contact information. Your lawyer may need this information later to fight your case. Also, alert your insurance company so they are aware of the crash.

Contact a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

After your accident, you may want to contact a lawyer. If your insurance company denies your claim or you’ve incurred serious costs, a motorcycle accident lawyer can help you.

If you need help finding an experienced accident lawyer, you may want to take a look at Sweet Lawyers.

Protect Yourself After Motorcycle Accidents

It’s not always easy to think clearly after motorcycle accidents. That’s why you should be prepared in advance. There are a number of steps to follow after an accident.

Safety always comes first. Once you’ve checked yourself and others for injuries, focus your attention on gathering as much information about the crash as you can.

Taking photos and interviewing nearby witnesses is important. Lastly, you may consider contacting an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer to help you solve any financial issues relating to the crash.

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