20 Must-Have Tips and Locations for your Next Trip to Uttar Pradesh

Are you planning a visit to a versatility place, filled with colours, and festivals? Then, you should book your tickets and travel to Uttar Pradesh. This place is something more than just holy rivers, glorious monuments, diverse cultures, colourful traditions, sinful Bhangs and other tasty beverages and street-foods. This state is so vast that you might face difficulty while travelling here without any pre-planning. Also there are so many popular places to visit in North-East of India.

Essential Tips for Planning a Tour to Uttar Pradesh

After all, you are going to invest all your time, money and effort for a peaceful tour to Uttar Pradesh. Let’s highlight the tips that are going to benefit you during your visit to Uttar Pradesh.

1. Time to Visit Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh has got a tropical climate due to its coordinates in the globe, northern plains and is situated in the Gangetic region. So, if you plan for a summer visit then keep yourself ready for encountering extreme heat and humidity. The best timings of registering your tour are in April, to witness the glory and magnificence of Uttar Pradesh. Discover more about Uttar Pradesh with Uttar Pradesh News.

2. Consider a Travel Agency

It would take more time to cover your tours from Agra to Lucknow, Varanasi to Sarnath if you decide to conduct the travelling on your own. Maybe, you can miss out on most of the eminent sight-seeing spots which are not listed on the internet. That’s why you should consider a reputed and trusted travelling agency before you book your tickets. Check out Lucknow News for more recent stories about Lucknow and other cities of Uttar Pradesh.

3. What to Wear

As multiple cultures have merged here, you can observe different clothing styles all across Uttar Pradesh. You can go with your casuals, preferably cotton. Because cotton is the only wearable that will suit you amidst the scorching heat of Uttar Pradesh. Moreover, you can try the local outfits for enjoying your trip to Uttar Pradesh. Keep an eye on Ayodhya News Hindi for the latest updates of Uttar Pradesh.

4. Consider Beyond the Cities

Rather than concentrating only on the cities of Uttar Pradesh, you should try the outskirts of recognized cities, too. You can experience a slower and more peaceful lifestyle amidst the villages of Uttar Pradesh.

5. Opt for an International SIM

Checking Google Maps and Uttar Pradesh News for recent updates on travelling are must for Uttar Pradesh visit. Availing a local SIM in India can be quite hectic. That’s why you can grab an international SIM card for making the journey more comfortable and seamless.

6. Be Aware of Pickpockets

Avoid crowds while commuting in public transports. Because dishonest people are everywhere and they might try to pick your belongings from your pockets. Be careful with your wallet, smartphones and other things while roaming in Uttar Pradesh.

7. Try Bargaining while Shopping

It might feel awkward but it’s completely natural in India. Sellers might want to fool you as you don’t have any idea of the cost of selling items. You can tell the seller your budget and if the seller doesn’t agree then just walk away. Most of the sellers would change their minds and might call you back with an adjustable price. You can bring back a souvenir for your friends and family.

8. What to Eat?

Uttar Pradesh is full of delicious cuisines along with mouth-watering street foods. But keep in mind that they would be more spicy than usual. Don’t try every kind of street food one at once. And, don’t forget to carry some medicines as a precaution.

9. What should you Carry?

Being a vast state, you don’t know what’s waiting for you in Uttar Pradesh. So, apart from comfortable clothes, shoes, carry sunscreen creams, umbrellas, hand sanitizer, face masks, etc. don’t forget to pack up some medicines for headache, stomach upset, pain, cough, disinfectant wipes, dizziness dealing, etc. And, not forget masks, gloves and sanitizers amid this pandemic.

10. Carry Low Budget Shoes

Because they can be lost. Whenever you step into a temple in Uttar Pradesh you need to leave your shoes behind. Keep an eye over your shoes; otherwise, someone can take away your shoes. 

11. Go Vegetarian

Most of the residents in Uttar Pradesh are vegetarians. And, you will get plenty of options for vegetarian cuisines when it comes to Uttar Pradesh. Check out Lucknow News to learn what is on the hotlist as the main beverages in Uttar Pradesh for a healthy lifestyle.

12. Time Management can Go Vague

While you are in India nothing will merely take place according to the promised time frame. Whether it is your travelling guide or a train; none of them is going to arrive at the right time. So, take a break, relax and have enough patience.

13. Be Careful with Changes

After all, it’s a new place to discover. Track live news of Uttar Pradesh on Ayodhya News Hindi for better trip management. And, be cautious while counting the changes or exchanging money with others. However, mistakes can be made by anyone.

14. What to do after reaching Uttar Pradesh

After you are done with the travelling tips, let’s check out what you shouldn’t miss while you have decided to go to Uttar Pradesh. Start preparing for your trip to Uttar Pradesh with live updates from Uttar Pradesh News. And, try to cover the most important locations.

15. Do Visit Agra & Varanasi

Taj Mahal can fascinate anyone in the world and that’s what made Agra famous for. Apart from Taj Mahal, you can visit Fatehpur Sikri, Mehtab Bagh, Agra Fort, Tomb and Akbar and much more. If you have a keen interest in religions then Varanasi won’t disappoint you. You can find a holistic view of life at the Ganga Ghats.

16. Do put Sarnath & Vrindavan in your List

This place demands special attention for Buddhists and Jains. Visit and explore the mesmerizing beauty of Chaukandi Stupa, Archaeological Museum, Ashoka Pillar and Bodhi Tree.  You might have heard the importance of Vrindavan and Holi in Ayodhya News Hindi. Explore Holi in spring-time along with that visit ISKCON temple, Prem Mandir, Govind Dev Temple and so many religious places connected to Lord Krishna.

17. Cuisines to Try when in Lucknow

Are you a foodie? Then, you shouldn’t miss out on Lucknow for mouth-watering Cuisines such as Galawati Kebab, Boti Kabab, Tunday Kebab, Rogan Josh, Lucknowi Biryani, Tokri Chaat, Paya Ki Nihari, Malai Ki Gilori and many other mouth-watering dishes. Do visit the famous architectures such as Bada Imambara, Shahi Bowli, Ghanta Ghar and Picture Gallery.

18. Put historical places on the Visit List

Come to Prayagraj and witness the union point of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati. This place has vital importance according to Hindu mythology and it’s considered extremely holy due to Kumbh Mela. Do you want to visit a historical place as well? Then, Jhansi will amaze you with Jhansi fort, Maha Lakshmi Temple, Rani Mahal. Don’t forget to visit Maharaja Gangadhar Rao Ki Chatri.

19. Maintain all the Safeguards

If you are a woman, who loves to travel alone, then you must there a few important factors that you need to maintain. Avoid travelling late at night, do keep a pepper spray and a small knife for self-protection. You need to travel with your heart as well as mind open. Check if the state has an app for women safety. Download that and register yourself. 

20. Get a Travel Insurance

Be it anywhere in India, you must secure your journey at first. Get proper travel insurance that covers everything, that includes luggage theft, hotel cancellation, minor to serious injuries during the travel.

So, all Set for the Journey…

So, prepare your backpack and pack your essentials for a memorable trip to Uttar Pradesh. You can keep your eyes on Lucknow News or Ayodhya News Hindi for updates about Uttar Pradesh every now and then. Take all your precautions and abide by those above-mentioned tips. Wish you a safe and comfortable journey!

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