Wordle Today: Wordle Answer 333 for May 18

If you were playing Wordle and missed today’s puzzle solution, we’ve got the answer for you! The phrase was May 18. And in case you don’t know what that means (or if you didn’t play the game). It’s the date of today’s Google Doodle : a spinning top done up as a dreidel (a four-sided spinning top)! The Google logo itself is also four-sided. Which makes this Doodle an appropriate one to run on December 8 (also known as International Top Spinning Day). Happy spinning! SOURCE

What are wordles?\

Wordles are word clouds that show how often words are used in a given text. A new wordle is created each day. And it is linked to an archive of every past wordle we’ve ever made. To create a wordle, we take a copy of today’s. Puzzle as input, remove all blanks from it, convert all letters to lowercase. And then remove common stop words like the, from, etc. We then tokenize it using the R language.

Why use wordles?

Because they’re fun. These word cloud-like graphics give you a quick snapshot of what your followers are talking about right now. And depending on how you slice them. You can see things in ways that don’t always come up when you’re looking at numbers and charts. For example, although 67% of respondents. To our last survey said they used Twitter to talk about big business issues and trends. Only 5% of them identified themselves as marketing professionals. That tells us something we didn’t know before…and probably many other people won’t have seen it either!

How to create wordles?

You’ll need a large collection of documents in order to create wordles. We used our entire twitter archive. But you could also use every story on your website or every email you’ve ever sent. Some sort of API that gives you access to a lot of data might be useful too. (e.g., an API that gives you access to all of your store’s sales history). Once you have your data, run it through one of several word cloud generators on the web. There are plenty to choose from (just Google word cloud generator). As a result, all words in your text collection with at least 3 occurrences will become clickable. You can then go through and add as many words as you want.

Final notes

The most difficult part of solving wordles. Is that if you get stuck with one letter, it becomes impossible to fill in any other letters. However, by going through them systematically, it’s possible to figure out which ones you can ignore. If there are any numbers in a word. They must be ignored since they make no sense in wordles (2+3 = 7). Therefore, only look at numbers if there aren’t any other options available. Also only look at very short words that have no vowels or common words (such as ‘of’ or ‘in’). But what about long words? Some long words have special meanings so knowing those can help narrow down possibilities. In our example above ‘phrase’ means something else entirely!

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