Virtual Debit Cards: Everything You Need To Know From Pros To Cons

Virtual payment cards can completely change how your company handles payments and manages finances, saving workers worldwide many hours of administrative work and expensive fees. Let’s go over the main advantages of a virtual debit card and how they might affect your company.

What exactly are virtual debit cards?

In a nutshell, virtual debit cards are regular debit cards that operate exclusively online.

These virtual credit and debit cards operate the same way traditional credit cards do without needing a physical card. They are 16-digit numbers generated randomly, with a card verification number and an expiration date. Virtual credit cards are issued by Mastercard, Visa, or American Express and are accepted everywhere credit cards are accepted. But these cards differ from real credit and debit cards because they are easier to use.

Most significantly, you’re in charge rather than depending on your financial institution. You can specify the categories of merchants where the card can be used, the currency you require, and a spending cap for the card. Virtual payment cards expedite how suppliers and vendors are paid, and there are many compelling advantages for your company.

The pros and cons of using a virtual credit card-


  • Without a physical card, virtual credit cards rapidly authorize access to your credit.
  • Some virtual cards even include rewards that may be earned in points and are a safer option when buying things online.
  • Virtual credit cards are simple and quick to cancel if your card has been misplaced.


  • High fees and interest rates are possible with virtual credit cards. On average, your purchase may increase by 3% due to international transactions.
  • Both virtual and physical cards are at risk of being hacked, especially when making online purchases.
  • Problems with earlier purchases can arise because of expiration dates. It may be challenging to receive a refund if the card is expired.

Virtual debit cards: What are they?

Except for funding, virtual debit cards are similar to virtual credit cards in most respects. To pay for any costs of purchases without the safety net of credit alternatives, a central financial institution account is necessary. After a brief online application, a 16-digit number with an expiration date will be given to you.

Benefits of using virtual debit cards


  • Virtual debit cards are ideally a fantastic low-risk alternative to prevent problematic occurrences like card loss, theft, hacking, or temporary misplacement.
  • Your virtual debit card information is securely stored online. A physical card can be challenging to manage.
  • Virtual debit cards are helpful for both short- and long-term financial planning.


  • Just like with any other debit card, you must have enough money in your account to cover the transaction.
  • Before making transactions using a virtual debit card, you must pay attention to managing your money.
  • Virtual debit cards have an expiration date, just like virtual credit cards, which makes it challenging to return items.

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