Satta Matka – What is Satta Matka? How to play Satta Matka?

Satta Matka is a kind of gambling. In this, gambling is done on a large scale, although any kind of gambling is illegal in India, but satta matka is still played extensively in India. There is more risk in it but there is more benefit in it, due to which most people are attracted to it and play.

When did it start in India?

The beginning of Satta Matka in India is believed to have preceded independence. At that time it was played in a traditional way. Today, due to the increasing influence of technology, it can be played online but previously it was not played online.

How to play Satta Matka? How is Satta Matka played?

Today satta matka is mostly, played online. It is played through many websites and apps. Although it is not legally legal to play in India, it is still one of the biggest businesses in India. Millions of people play it secretly. The player has to choose from one of many numbers and bet on it. If you choose the correct number then you will be considered a winner only. The player who wins this game is called the Satta King and is paid money in exchange for winning.

In ancient times, the game of matka matka was played in a traditional way. But today is the technological period of the 21st century.

Where all work is completed through your phone and computer. Similarly, the game of Satka Matka is also played most online today. In ancient times Satka Matka game was not played online.At that time many slips were put inside a pot and a number was taken out of it. So in this way in the ancient times, the game Satta Matka (Satka Matka) was played in the traditional way.

The game was named Satka Matka due to the use of Matka in the game. In the beginning, speculation was played at the cost of cotton.It was sent via tele printer from the New York Cotton Exchange to the Bombay Cotton Exchange. At that time, betting was played at the cost of starting and closing cotton.The game SattaMatka (Satka Matka) was very popular in the 90s. But in the coming years, the popularity of the game Satta Matka (Satka Matka) gradually declined. There were several reasons for the game’s diminishing popularity.

What is the reason for the popularity of the game Satta Matka (Satka Matka) after 90s?

One of the reasons why the game has lost its popularity is that people had many options besides playing Satta Matka (Satka Matka) game. Where they could earn good profits by investing money. The time taken elsewhere is shorter than that of Satta Matka (Satka Matka).

Satta Matka loss its popularity as comparison to sports which earned more of profits in a short time. One of the reasons for the popularity of Satta Matka (Satka Matka) game was that it was considered a bad habit by the people of Indian society.

That is why it was not a legally correct and safe game. This means that the game is banned and illegal in India. No person can play Satta Matka (Satka Matka) publicly. Because the Indian government and rules do not allow this game to be played.

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