Quick Comparaison Between QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop Versions

Using QuickBooks is a necessity today for businesses. Managing a company with many employees and lengthy accounting is often a struggle; thus, use of highly advanced finance management software is crucial.

Now what makes enterprises confused is the QuickBook version. As you know, it comes with online and desktop types. Thus, picking which one will benefit more can be a question to deal with. Here in this post, we will be comparing both Online QuickBooks and Desktop QuickBooks.

The Difference Between Online QuickBooks Version and Desktop Version:

Let’s compare both:

Online QuickBooks Version:

The Online QuickBooks Version: QuickBooks Online is cloud-based accounting software that was first introduced in 2004 after QuickBooks Desktop launched. QuickBooks Online Pricing can be more and a bit different from the desktop hosting version with the available features.

Online QuickBooks is specifically designed for businesses to manage accounts. Such accounting softwares is highly advanced with an array of features like payroll, invoice generator, expense manager, and more. It even ensures multiple user efficiency, remote access, and mobile-friendly compatibility.

QuickBooks online version is cloud-based and easier as compared to the desktop version. All you just need a stable internet connection to manage your enterprise accounts anytime and anywhere.


  • Easy to use.
  • Multiple access.
  • Simple and compatible.
  • Cloud-based hosting.
  • Remote usability (anytime and anywhere).
  • Highly advanced and secure.
  • Good in features.
  • Automatic update efficiency.

Desktop QuickBooks Version:

QuickBooks Desktop version was primarily launched in 1992. Earlier it was blended with few features, but today, it is loaded with ample specifications. You can find QuickBooks in three different types-

  • QuickBooks Desktop Pro- Ideal for small-scale businesses.
  • QuickBooks Desktop Premier- Suitable for medium business or company.
  • QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise- Perfect for enterprise (large scale business).

Note: All three varies in features and even comes with progressive plans.


  • Simple in features.
  • Safe to use.
  • Reliable in features.
  • Highly scalable.
  • Easy to access.

Comparison of Features Between QuickBooks Online Version and QuickBooks Desktop Version:

Highlights below are the significant comparison between the online and desktop version of QuickBooks,

1. Accounting: Both of them run on double-entry accounting principles, including accrual and cash basis accounting. The accounting features such as charts, entries, bank reconciliation, payable, receivable, and other accounting reports can be easily made. QuickBooks desktop is relatively better in reporting and even supports complex accounting. However, QuickBooks online services is superb for providing bookkeeping services.

2. Invoicing: Online QuickBooks is easy to use as compared to the desktop QuickBooks version. It is even ideal for creating well-organized invoices for companies and clients. The templates and design of QuickBooks online invoices are simple, modern, and clear to understand. However QuickBooks desktop is quite outdated and challenging to customize according to the needs.

3. Contact and Account Management: Both have in-built contact management efficiency. However, the QuickBooks desktop gives a better way to manage and track leads by contacts/clients.

4. Reporting: Reporting feature that comes with QuickBooks functions according to plan you have chosen. The desktop version offers more reporting ways for your business, such as balance sheet, net profit, loss report, cash flow, invoice statement, etc.

5. Payroll: QuickBooks online and desktop both versions lack an in-built payroll. If you need that for your enterprise, then you need to invest to be an add-on feature. You can choose the right for your QuickBook version depending on the need of business, your budget, etc.

6. Finance Management: QuickBooks is advanced developed accounting softwares that is feature-rich to manage the finance of your business. It allows you to track and organize the cash flow and expenses. Generally, the finance management feature comes with QuickBooks online

7. Pricing: QuickBooks Online Pricing and QuickBooks desktop cost varies. Both come with different pricing models and features.

8. Sales and Orders: QuickBooks desktop is the only type to trace sales and orders.

Final Verdict:

Need QuickBooks for your business account management. No worry, check for QuickBooks Online Pricing and desktop expenses. Do not miss to compare the features as well. Pick QuickBooks type that suits your budget and business needs.

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