How to Use the Icy Veins Spell in World of Warcraft

The icy veins spell is a good way to deal with cold damage in combat. It can be used for a variety of reasons, including healing, dealing more damage, and preventing cold damage. However, the icy veins spell is also a very powerful spell, so you should be careful when choosing it. In this article, we’ll take a look at all the information you need to know about using it. We’ll cover the requirements, casting time, and cold damage.

Elite Hex Spell

If you’re looking to damage a target’s icy veins with an AoE spell, you can use Elite Hex Spell. This spell has a long cooldown and a high Mana cost, so it’s best to use it only when your Mana is sufficient. But it can still be useful for dealing with large numbers of targets.

Elite Hex Spell strikes for 20…92…110 cold damage and disables one enchantment for 10 seconds. It also causes the target and nearby foes to move 66% slower for 2…5…6 seconds. The enchantment is removed after the effect expires.

Elite Hex Spell is also capable of knocking the target down. In addition to its damage and cooldown, this spell can also disable non-Assassin skills for 10 seconds. As with any other AoE spell, this is an excellent option for a raid.

Unlike most spells, the hex from Elite Hex Spell is applied before damage is done. That means you can easily recast the spell before it’s used up. You’ll also find that it recharges 50% faster if the target is moving.

Cold Damage

Frost damage is not limited to the extremities. This type of injury can also cause damage to the heart, brain, and the skin. For the frost mage, avoiding the aforementioned may be the best way to go. A good strategy is to have your spells and buffs on cooldown, which is not an easy feat when dealing with the aforementioned.

The ol’ faithful can’t help but feel a little jaded after dealing with such ghouls for the past few months. However, the cool down on Icy Veins is short, thanks to the frost mages’ pact with the ogre. If the cold isn’t causing you sleepless nights, you can also take advantage of the legendary power, which is a lot of fun.

A few other worthy contenders include the Ice Block, which is a great way to clear most debuffs and soak a mechanic. It is also a good time saver, especially if you are in a hurry and don’t have the patience to do it the old fashioned way.

Casting time

When it comes to casting time, the Frost Mage has a number of options. In addition to using Frostbolt and Frost Nova, the mage can also use unempowered Ice Lance spam. Getting good at this cast time spell combo is key. With practice, the Frost Mage may become a PvP force to be reckoned with.

A tidbit of information is that the Icy Veins buff is effectively longer than its 25 second duration. This is because it stacks with other buffs, such as Bloodlust and Power Infusion from shamans and priests, respectively. The buff can be used off global cooldown, as well.

Another cool feat of the icy veins is that its effects can be felt even while the mage is casting. For instance, if a caster is standing on a ice crystal, the damage he or she does will increase by 12%. On the other hand, if the same caster is moving, the effect will be masked by the fact that movement will slow the effects.

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