Apps For Fantasy Gaming: Their Popularity And Functionality

India is world famous for its love for Cricket and food. The advent of fantasy gaming leagues has increased the Cricket madness to multiple folds as users throng apps like never before. The concept of fantasy sports is relatively new to the country. Still, as people have accepted the format, the fantasy gaming industry is expected to outperform all the major players in their field.

The simple concept behind fantasy sports is selecting the players for your virtual team before the real match begins, scoring points based on players’ performance during the live sport. In the end, the maximum point scorer wins the game. Let’s say for fantasy cricket. One can choose eleven players for the virtual team among the twenty-two players. During the live match, each player will earn points for every run, wicket, catch, and run-out, and these points will help the fantasy sports player to win money.

Playing for money requires some entry fee to be paid, but it is not mandatory. Novice players can play for free for practice purposes by forming teams and competing with friends. Certain rules are associated with these gaming apps, and they are the same for all platforms.

  • Players can be bought according to the credits provided, akin to money. For example, a hundred credits for one player, and players are priced differently depending on their performance and popularity.
  • The team has to be diverse, combining top and mediocre players with a ratio of 6:5 or 7:4.
  • The points earned by top players selected as captains and vice-captains are two or 1.5 times higher than other players.
  • So, the ideal winning team requires all the players to perform exceptionally well, especially the two players who should outperform the other teams’ players.

Given the format of the game, there is an ongoing debate as to whether the game requires skills or is just based on sheer luck. However, the undeniable aspect of the game is that anybody cannot randomly pick a team of eleven players and start winning money on a whim. Although luck plays a part, players involved in the game need to maintain a track record of the players involved in the sports, have a detailed understanding of the game and have a strong instinct to pick the players for their teams.

When it comes to fantasy sports gaming apps, there are several reasons why youths have such a strong affinity for them. The following are some of them:

For passionate fans, such gaming apps are the perfect portal to test their knowledge, expertise, and skills pertaining to the sport. They spend a lot of time digging for information about the sport, and fantasy gaming allows them to follow their passion and earn big simultaneously.

These apps have promoted the sports culture to a great extent, so much so that not only Cricket but all types of sports lovers have found a way to keep themselves engaged and entertained. There are apps for fantasy football, Cricket, baseball, basketball, etc.

It fosters the sportsman and a competitive spirit among millions of sports lovers. It creates some vitality by connecting so many people on a single gaming platform.

The advent of fantasy gaming has changed how fans watch the game. Fans might want their favorite teams to lose the game sometimes. So, the player in the fantasy team earns points who is playing in the opposition team.

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