How to make a quality video to attract visitors

Do you know how to make a video that brings traffic to your website or any other platform? Video has become a very powerful tool in marketing strategies, among other reasons because it is already the most widely used format on the internet. It is estimated that by the end of this year it will represent almost three-quarters of the total network traffic.

But creating online or offline videos that generate interest in the audience that does not join that list of the vast majority that are abandoned as soon as the first seconds of viewing pass, is not an easy task.

The attention of the user is not only achieved with the quality of the content but also with its presentation, with its own style and with the care of each of the components and details that are part of the video.

In this post, we offer you some tips so that you know how to make an effective video, with which you can achieve the views or conversions that you proposed in the objectives of your video marketing strategy.

08 tips with which you will know how to make an attractive video

1. Work on an original idea:

An original and creative project will be more successful than copying someone else’s idea. The first step in knowing how to make an impactful video is to investigate what types of videos are published and which ones are the most popular in your industry. The results you obtain can serve as a source of inspiration to create an original and successful one.

2. Make a script:

Write a script that includes a list of shots that are larger than you think you will need, it is preferable that there is some leftover but that you can choose between them during editing. Note that video a script is not written as the post of a blog, have video marketing agency to help you can come in handy.

3. Do good pre-production:

Prepare and organize your recording sessions. This will be reflected not only in the final result of the video but also, and above all, in the time spent on filming and editing. This variable directly and significantly influences the production cost of an audiovisual. If you know what video you want, how you want it and have prepared all the logistics, your video will be cheaper and more effective.

4. Find a suitable place to record:

Do not underestimate the senses of the audience, if you try to simulate the place of the video viewers will notice. If your office or workplace is not suitable for filming, look for other suitable places, with a smooth wall or background like in Miami or any other beautiful place, if you live in Miami then check out the for best filming locations.

5. Invest in light, camera and sound

Set the lights in a way that eliminates unwanted shadows. Use a tripod to fix any camera stability issues and lavalier microphones. These technical aspects can make the difference between an amateur video and one of some professionalism.

6. Be natural in front of the camera:

If you master the subject you are talking about and rehearse your part of the script, you will avoid having to repeat it many times. Although, if you prefer, you can choose someone who is professional, like an actor, with good diction and voice.

7. Grab the audience’s attention

You don’t have a lot of time to grab and hold your audience’s attention. From the beginning, your video must be attractive and show the content of interest to the viewer.

Keep in mind that videos on YouTube do not add views if they do not exceed 30 seconds. So you should propose, in addition to relevant information or a compelling story, a structure and rhythm that grab the audience.

8. Use music in editing

A background soundtrack can hide any unwanted sound and even provide some emotion that has not been achieved with other components of the video. Make sure not to use copyrighted music that may cause your video to be removed.

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