Free place to visit in New Jersey

New Jersey is the beautiful state located in the North-East of the US sharing its border with the Atlantic Ocean. Many Native Americans inhabited more than 2000 years ago in this area.

If you are coming by air, New Jersey’s main airport is Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR). EWR airport is world famous airport and it’s one of the major air route like EWR to Delhi Flights .In New Jeers There are many places where any traveller can visit from which few of them are as follows:

Tour a winery

One of the free places you must visit is a well-Known award winning family owned Bellview Winery in Landisville. This is a sheer pleasure and heaven for wine lovers. It is one of the tourist attractions, tourists visit this place to see the harvesting of grapes in such a large area for wine making. You can get a chance to see the old stored vines and also taste one of them. During the whole vine tour, you will see the old barrels filled with vintage vines with the histories and stories behind each vine. Overall it is a great place to visit.

Take a scenic drive.

You can take a drive to one of the eight beautiful scenic byways welcoming you with a beautiful seashore with small shops lighting up with beautiful decorative lights that will look like the firefly. You will come across few of the historic sights while bypassing the byways like Washington Crossing which is historic because it was used by George Washington during the revolutionary war. You can also relax and sit back in Delaware & Raritan canal state park. It is a beautiful place to visit with family and friends to spend quality time.

Art Museum

The Art Museum is located at Princeton University which was founded in 1882. This museum is a great place for art lovers where you can find more than 90,000 arts, contemporaries and much more. This museum also includes Chinese calligraphy, ancient stones, African arts, etc. The admission to visit this museum is free of cost.

Heritage Glass Museum

A beautiful must visit place located in Hollybush Mansion, which was built in 1847 is the Glass Museum where you can witness the beautifully handmade glass works, bottles, and art pieces molded and crafted 200 years back. It is a recommended place and must visit at once to see the art of New Jersey.

Twin Lights

The Nave sink Twin Light museum is located in Highlands, Monmouth County, New Jersey. It is a non-operational lighthouse that was used in 1828. The importance of Twin light in history is because it was used to direct ships to the New Jersey Harbor. This lighthouse is the first lighthouse in America that used a Fresnel lens. Fresnel lenses are believed to save many ships. Fresnel lenses are now kept for display where the visitor can admire this piece of engineering.

All-Sports Museum

The all sports museum is located in Bridgeton, NJ. This museum consists of the medals, trophies and all the valuable belongings of the famous and local sportsperson. This museum is a display to show the glory and dedication of the sportsperson related to the different fields who conquered the honor in different sports and maintained the dignity of New Jersey. You can witness many baseball related historic items.

Empty Sky

Empty Sky is the memorial which is located at the mouth of the Hudson River. This memorial is dedicated to the lost ones who lost their lives during the September 11 World Trade Center terrorist attack. It is a two wall site near the Hudson River near to the site of the World Trade Center. Many tourists visit this site to pay their tribute.

Howell Living History Farm

To know American history Howell Farm is the example of the American history of farming during 1900. This farm was bought by Joseph Philips who participated in the American Revolution after his death his son Henry Philips acquired and enlarged the 100 acres of the farm. Their property is now under Mercer County which was donated by Howell Family.

Pumpkin at Cheesequake Farm

Visit the Pumpkin farm to pick the pumpkin for Halloween. Here you can see the various sizes of pumpkin available which the American people used to pick during Halloween. Other than pumpkin you can see the decorated corn farm and scarecrows.

Ice skating

You can also enjoy the tour by visiting the Ice Skating center which allows you to enjoy this adventure sport for free. Places you can do ice skating for free are Roosevelt Park Family Ice Skating Rink, Ice House Skating Rink, etc. where you can enjoy with family and friends.

The above mentioned places are free to visit sights where one can know the history of America, the farming, Sports museum etc.For more flight details and queries you can also contact Indian travel company in USA.

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