Eve Jobs – An Equestrian With a Passion For Horses

Eve Jobs is a daughter of Apple founder Steve Jobs, and she is a student at Stanford University. She is unmarried, and is an avid horse enthusiast. In fact, she has competed in horse shows, and has even been placed in front of Jennifer Gates.

Steve Jobs’ daughter is an equestrian

When Eve Jobs was 13 she was already on the path to equestrian glory. She has won numerous equestrian competitions, and is a member of the NetJets(r) US Jumping Team. Having a career in equestrian sport has made her a more disciplined and humble person.

Before college, Eve took a year off to concentrate on riding. As a result of her efforts she was named one of the top five equestrians under the age of 25 in the world.

Not only is Eve a talented equestrian, she is also a successful model. Her modeling portfolio includes for luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Coperni. Earlier this year, she signed with DNA Model Management.

In addition to her modeling and equestrian careers, Eve has a passion for travel. She has documented her adventures on social media.

She is an avid horse lover

Eve Jobs is an equestrian who has a great deal of passion for horses. She has won numerous awards for her performance in competitions.

One of the youngest children of Apple founder Steve Jobs, Eve has become one of the top equestrians in the world. She is also a talented model. Her love for horses is evident, as she has several horses of her own.

Eve started riding when she was just six years old. Her parents bought a $15 million ranch in Florida for her to train at.

After her father passed away in 2011, Eve has kept a low profile. But she has gained attention for her modeling career, as well as her equestrian achievements.

Eve has been ranked fifth in the top 1,000 riders under 25 in the world. She is a highly accomplished equestrian who has won thousands of dollars in prize money.

She has competed against Jennifer Gates

Eve Jobs, the youngest daughter of late Apple founder Steve Jobs, is a top show jumper. She has competed against many other famous celebrity spawn, including Jennifer Gates.

Eve began riding at six years of age. After she graduated from Stanford University, she matriculated to Mount Sinai’s Icahn School of Medicine in New York City. In addition to equestrian sport, she has also studied international policy and science technology and society.

Her father, Bill Gates, founded Microsoft. He also spent $18 million to purchase a 228-acre horse farm in Rancho Santa Fe, California. The farm is located near the family’s estate.

The gate’s family rented the property for a number of horse-riding competitions. However, the bar for public expectation often falls on the children of wealthy families.

She is a student at Stanford University

Eve Jobs is the youngest daughter of Apple founder Steve Jobs and investor Laurene Powell Jobs. She was born on July 9, 1998. Her family’s net worth has been estimated to be around $20 billion.

The youngest of Steve’s four children, Eve has spent her childhood growing up in luxury. Her parents owned a multi-million-dollar mansion in Palo Alto, California.

During her teenage years, she competed in equestrian events. She has also been a model for the beauty brand Glossier.

In October 2021, she made her debut on the high fashion scene during Paris Fashion Week. She appeared at the Coperni Spring/Summer 2022 show. It was there that she walked the runway with industry heavyweights including Sydney Sweeney and Naomi Smalls.

Eve has a degree in science, technology and society from Stanford University. She graduated in 2021.

She is unmarried

Eve Jobs is an equestrian who is also an avid model. She has been ranked the fifth best teen show jumper in the world.

Although Eve’s parents are proud of her initiative, they may not be happy with her being judged in front of millions.

Eve’s mother, Laurene Powell Jobs, has built an impressive fortune. She is worth US$21.7 billion.

Her father, Steve Jobs, was an innovator and founder of Apple. His family is estimated to be worth $20 billion.

She was the youngest of the four children of Steve Jobs. After he died, she was the 35th richest person in the world.

During her father’s lifetime, Steve Jobs had a less than perfect relationship with his birth parents. As a result, the young girl had to deal with an extremely difficult upbringing.

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