Dental treatment in Istanbul : Medical tourism in Turkey

Oral and dental health is of great importance in every period of human life. Dental health problems and aesthetic problems arising from teeth can seriously negatively affect people’s lives. Oral and dental health problems can also affect general health. For this reason, it is necessary to trust fully equipped health institutions and professional dentists with experience in the field of oral and dental health.

Istanbul is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey, and it is also home to a number of excellent dental clinics. While the city is best known for its historical sites and stunning architecture, it also offers a wide range of dental treatments that can be tailored to the needs of each individual patient. Whether you are looking for a simple cleaning or more complex procedure, you can be sure to find a clinic in Istanbul that will meet your needs. In addition, the city’s dental clinics offer a variety of payment options, making treatment more affordable for patients from all over the world. With its combination of quality care and affordable prices, health tourism in Turkey Istanbul is a popular choice and dental treatment in Turkey is very popular.

The Turkish government has also invested heavily in infrastructure and technology, making it easy for dental tourists to travel to and receive treatment in Turkey. Turkey has become one of the most popular destinations for dental tourism, due to its combination of high-quality care, low cost, and convenient location. Many health services are provided in Turkey, one of which is hair transplantation. Hair transplantation in Turkey is at least as advanced as dental treatment. Many patients abroad want to get information about “hair transplant in Turkey“.


In the past, only prosthetic methods were applied to eliminate tooth deficiencies. However, the prostheses made to eliminate tooth deficiencies brought deficiencies such as damage to the healthy teeth by reducing them and not providing the necessary comfort in toothless mouths. With the emergence of implantology treatments, it became possible to eliminate tooth deficiencies and complete edentulism without these problems. Implant treatments consist of two stages: the surgical stage in which the implants are placed in the jawbone and the prosthetic stage in which the prosthetic teeth with their superstructures are applied. Implant applications are applied to realize fixed prosthesis applications or to make removable prostheses more stable in the mouth. With the developing technology, implant treatment can be applied in almost every case.

Aesthetic Dentistry

When it comes to dental treatments, situations such as the treatment of decayed teeth and the compensation of missing teeth usually come to mind, but today, smile aesthetics related to teeth and gums are also of great importance. Causes such as tooth decay, excessive discoloration, crowding, defects in the surface and form of the teeth, and the position of the gums relative to the teeth negatively affect dental aesthetics. Situations where smile aesthetics are not good enough cause negative effects on people both socially and psychologically. Situations that disrupt smile aesthetics can be corrected thanks to modern aesthetic dentistry applications. Applications such as whitening treatments, composite or porcelain lamina applications, porcelain veneer applications and gum arrangements are among aesthetic dentistry applications.

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