Cool Things to Draw

Drawing is an art form that allows you to express your creativity. It is easy to draw a beach or a mountain retreat. If you want to draw a different type of object, try trying to draw a holiday or vacation. These subjects are fun to draw and can be very inspiring. You can also try drawing something unusual or something you’ve never seen before. More


Animals are a great subject for sketching, and many species are fun to draw. If you’re unsure of how to draw a certain animal, you can look online for tips and guidance. You can make the animal look as realistic as possible or as cartoonish as you’d like.

One of the easiest ways to make a drawing look realistic is to break it down into basic shapes. Breaking down an animal into simple shapes makes it easier to draw, and it helps you to figure out proportions. If you’re trying to draw a koala, for example, you can look at a picture of the eucalyptus-filled forest in which it lives to get some ideas on how to draw it. You can also add details to the animal’s face with paintbrush strokes.


Cool things to draw are usually detailed and have a specific style and look. You can try to mimic this in your sketches by using reference materials or real life models. You can also use objects that interest you or have personal significance. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different materials and techniques to create unique art.


Drawing holiday scenes is fun and challenging. You can choose to draw a scene with a few people having fun in the snow, or you can make the scene a little more elaborate. You can also draw the warm glow of holiday lights to capture that cozy holiday feeling. Use warm colors and a warm background to create this effect.

Holiday-themed drawings are also great for children to do for gifts. You can draw snowmen, Santa Claus, and other characters. These are great for kids of all ages. You can also draw a snow globe scene or fill Santa’s sleigh with gifts. Whatever you choose, you’ll enjoy creating a drawing for a loved one or a gift.


Drawing plants can be a fun hobby that involves the study of various plants. There are so many types of plants, each of which has its own unique characteristics. You can also study the different parts of different plants. Drawing plants can be a relaxing activity, as you can create images that are both nostalgic and peaceful.

Plants are colorful, and you can experiment with various colors and materials to create a unique drawing. The most common color is green, but you can also use other colors, depending on the season or the condition of the plant. When drawing plants, you can use watercolor or brush pens to create a variety of effects.


Drawing a robot can be a fun project for students of all ages. Robots come in many shapes and styles. Some are clunky looking, while others can be human-like and even have arms and legs. A robot drawing can be enhanced by including other details such as a gun, wings, or fancy beacon.

When drawing a robot, use different colors to differentiate parts. Next, draw the mechanical parts in a reference box before adding the joints, to avoid confusion. After you’re done, create a new vector layer to add shading. Make sure you use a box as your reference, as shadows add dimensionality to your robot drawing. You can fill the layer below the shadow with a color to make it look more real.


When you want to draw a dandelion, there are a couple of things you should know. First, you must sketch the stem and the narrow leaves. The stem should be drawn on a slight angle, making it look like the stem is bent in the wind. Next, you should add the flying seeds. The seeds should have hairlines and small oval bases. Make sure you make these small details noticeable, as the more accurate you are, the better the sketch will be.

The stalk of a dandelion should be drawn using a fine-tipped pen, or a sharp pencil. To create the stem, use two curved lines, or you can use a single thicker line. Once you’ve completed the stem, you can draw the second dandelion underneath it.

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