Advantages of the viscose lycra fabric

Viscose is a type of cloth fabric which originates from the fibers of the cellulose. For a long time, this fabric was widely used to design dresses. It is now used to make fashionable clothes, footwear, and even the tires of the car. It is produced from the tree’s wood pulp-like eucalyptus, beech, pine, and bamboo. At first wood pulp is collected and dissolved in the carbon disulfide to get the cellulose xanthate. The cellulose xanthate is dissolved in caustic soda and finally, a fabric solution is obtained – viscose. In the end, the fabric is dried and the finishing touch is given to it. To enhance the look of the fabric many other substances like dyes and modifiers added to it. 

The properties of the fabric depend on the way the fabric is shaped. Based on it a fabric can be smooth or rough, light in weight or heavy, matt, or glossy. The viscose Lycra is semi transparent. There are many advantages of using this fabric to make clothes which includes – 

  1. Soft – it is a very soft fabric. It is mainly used to make ladies garments, dresses, and work clothes. It is also used to make bed sheets, curtains, and blankets. This fabric is generally not stretchable but generally manufactures blend spandex the other fabric which possesses the high elasticity to add stretch to the clothes made from this fabric which in return provides a perfect shape to the body. 
  2. Lightweight – it is a very lightweight material. In addition to this, it doesn’t stick to the body and absorbs moisture even better than cotton clothes. These properties make it perfect fiber for the summer season.
  3. Environmental friendly – as mentioned above this fabric is made up of the wood pulp of the various trees hence, it is an environmentally friendly fabric. It can be easily recycled. 
  4. Inexpensive – India is at number one place in the whole world in the availability of raw materials in the textile industry. Similarly, the viscose lycra is easily available in the markets and at very fair prices. Every person can easily afford it. People generally buy clothes from these fibers because of the fabric’s comfort and attractive prices.
  5. Dye – it can be easily dyed. This fabric can be dyed by using different color dyes. So, there are varieties of options available in the market. The individual can even choose the clothes made from this fabric of his favorite colors. Another amazing property of this fabric is that it doesn’t fade when it comes in contact with sun rays. 

If you are already in the business of textile you already know the demand for viscose lycra in the market. If you want to become a viscose lycra dealer you can contact many textile companies from where you can easily get this fabric. There are tons of such companies available online as well as offline but all don’t sell the quality fabric. Before making any final decision compares the prices of different companies and their reviews. It will help you make the decision wisely. 

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