5 Ways SEOLeverage.com Can Boost Your SEO Game

Is your website not getting as much traffic as intended? If you’re looking to grow your online business, you need to get to the first page of the search engine rankings.

Enter SEOleverage.com, an established SEO agency run by Gert Mellak. With his vast experience in SEO consulting and optimization, he can improve your website rankings, among many other things.

If you’re still thinking twice about signing up for SEOleverage.com services, here are five pieces of information that can help you decide:

SEOleverage.com Can Find Any Loophole Through its Deep Dive Audit

Ever wonder why your online business is no longer at the top of search results when it had tremendous traffic months ago? Gert Mellak can help you get at the bottom of this with his deep dive audit.

As an SEO consulting expert, he divides the audit into four phases:

Phase 1: Overview and Usability

This shows basic information, such as:

  • Current website and social media performance
  • Main competitors
  • Benchmarks

With the help of these data, Gert can recommend improvements to user experience and page usability.

Phase 2: Content

Since content is king, this phase will search the website’s posts and current performance. It will also explore Google no-nos such as thin and duplicate articles, titles, and descriptions.

With this search, Gert can provide topics for future posts and a map tool that can help you plan your site.

Phase 3: Technical SEO Audit

This will search for tags, structured data, and images to see if they are well-optimized. This phase also includes performance tests to determine why your site is not receiving as much traffic as before.

Phase 4: Link Audit

This audit checks backlinks, which remains to be one of the most critical SEO signals for Google. That way, you can build on these links and remove those that want to pull your online business down.

SEOleverage.com Can Help With Target Research

In the SEOLeverage.com podcast, Gert Mellak was quick to discuss the importance of good content. And to do so, a business will need to find the best topics that search engines like.

If you don’t have time to do this or if your researched topics just don’t seem to work out, Gert can help you out of your rut. As with the deep dive audit, he can grow your business in four steps:

Briefing Call

This foundational step is all about exploring the keywords you want to rank for, your competitors, your customers’ pain points, and other related information.

Online Market Research

Here, Gert aims to discover and follow your clients, so he can see what’s on their minds. Knowing what they want is integral to marketing materials that draw organic traffic.

Keyword Research

Based on the market search, the SEO agency will provide thousands of keywords to boost your SEO.

Topic Roadmap

Given the sheer amount of keywords that will be given, a topic roadmap can get you to maximize these keywords in a structured way.

SEOleverage.com has ERICA, an SEO Framework That Will Put Your Business on Top

ERICA, a program Gert Mellak discussed in his SEOLeverage.com podcast episodes, is unlike any other. It represents these steps that will help grow your marketing base:

  • Evolution, which is the current state and progress of your site
  • Research, which explores keywords, topics, site issues, tactics, and competition
  • Interlinking, which pertains to both internal and external backlinks
  • Content, which focuses on structuring and optimizing via scientific analysis
  • Action Steps, which covers every step you need to improve your SEO

SEOleverage.com Can Save You Time and Money Through SEO-X Implementation

If you are looking for a comprehensive SEO service, look no further as SEO-X implementation can get you at the top of Google rankings ASAP.

SEOleverage.com can help you increase organic traffic by:

  • Analyzing and optimizing your website material, which is then applied to machine learning and specific tools
  • Improving technical SEO, including security issues, link problems, canonicals, duplications, and crawling problems
  • Finding unrelated links and disavowing certain files

SEOleverage.com Can Leverage Your Website via the Link Service

Gary Illyes of Google once said that it’s really hard to rank without links.

In other words, even if you have relevant posts, optimized images, and a fast website speed, they are all for naught if you don’t have useful internal and external links.

Fortunately for you, Gert of the SEOleverage.com podcast episodes can help you work out this issue. He offers the following services depending on your needs:

  • Niche-relevant social media signals
  • Guest posts
  • Google directory submissions
  • Domain ratings
  • Monthly reports and renewals
  • Pre-screened links

You can also cancel the link service whenever you want, thus making it a no-commitment feature.

Without a doubt, SEOleverage.com can boost your SEO game. To learn more about its services, don’t forget to follow the SEOleverage.com podcast episodes.

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