What Is An Asbestos Survey And What Is Its Purpose? 

An asbestos survey is a methodical examination, performed by a proficient asbestos examiner, to detect and evaluate the existence of materials containing asbestos. The examiner will usually inspect visible areas as well as other probable spots, such as partitions and surfaces, to offer a precise evaluation of the state and location of any possible dangers. The objective is to safeguard individuals from any potential dangers linked to these unsafe materials. 

Metro-pat.co.uk’s Abestos Surveys London is a specialized service intended to detect and handle materials containing asbestos. With their proficiency in examining, recognizing, and evaluating the dangers of dangerous substances, asbestos inspectors can offer vital guidance on how to securely eliminate or confine any possible risks.

What to expect from an Asbestos survey?

A survey of asbestos will usually entail an on-site examination of the structure by a competent and knowledgeable expert who will be well-versed in the applicable rules. Throughout the survey, they will inspect ceilings, walls, and floors to detect any substances that present a risk of asbestos. The survey should encompass thorough records, pictures, and specimens if needed, in order to generate an all-inclusive report of their discoveries. Moreover, the surveyor may also provide suggestions on the optimal approach to handle any hazardous materials that are identified. 

How are the results of the survey used?

The findings of an asbestos survey can serve as the basis for creating and executing a successful asbestos control strategy. This strategy usually entails identifying the ACMs (asbestos-containing materials) present in a building, evaluating their state, and specifying the appropriate measures to address any risks. A well-designed asbestos control strategy can safeguard the well-being of individuals who work in or visit the building by minimizing the potential for asbestos exposure and limiting the disturbance of hazardous materials. Furthermore, a recent report may also be required to adhere to existing laws and regulations regarding health and safety. 

Purpose of Asbestos survey

Any structure built by humans, business buildings, living buildings, or homes constructed between the years 1850 and 1999 can still present a danger to the individuals or employees who dwell or work inside them. UK Laws necessitate that you carry out examinations for asbestos on buildings built within this timeframe. They are necessary if you are inhabiting, purchasing, selling, or demolishing such a building. If there are occupants or individuals residing within the building, then asbestos surveys are also conducted as a health and safety inspection. 

The task of an asbestos examiner is to examine your structure and recognize potential materials containing asbestos. Asbestos fibers are not recognized always directly because they are minuscule; nonetheless, an asbestos examiner is an expert in the types of construction materials that could contain asbestos, like floor tiles, roofing materials, window sealants, and so forth. 

Once the examiner has located an asbestos-containing substance, a small specimen will be taken of each doubtful material which will then be examined at the laboratory for further comprehensive examination. The laboratory will determine the kind of asbestos present with the specimen and a certificate of analysis is generated specifying the laboratory findings. 

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