What Are The Incredible Options Of Cakes That You Must Try?

Before probing deeper into the blog, answer a simple question: Is any festival in India complete without having sweets? It is a part of the Indian tradition to eat and serve sweets during special occasions, like birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, etc. In present times, people prefer eating a cake instead of traditional sweets. The digital era has significantly changed the lives of people. You can get all the items delivered to your doorstep, including a cake. People living in Gurgaon have benefitted from it. Studies prove that most people place an online cake order in Gurgaon. Continue reading, as this blog will suggest the best cakes you must try.

Here is the list of some of the best cakes you must try:

  • Vanilla Cake– This is the best cake for people who strongly believe in simplicity and elegance. There is hardly a person who would not like to eat a vanilla-flavoured cake. Answer a simple question. What is your opinion- There are plenty of delicious cake options available, but what makes vanilla cake the favourite of many?

The primary reason for vanilla cake being their favourite is the tender and moist layers of the cake. To all the readers reading this blog, you must have tried a vanilla cake in your life. Suppose you have bought a vanilla cake from a cake shop. Whenever you open the box, aren’t you overwhelmed by the smell? And a person can try out their hands on a vanilla cake. They can add fresh fruits to it, chocolates, dry fruits, etc. Is this option available in other cakes? Suppose you are a professional cake baker and want to add fresh fruits to your cake. Answer a question- Will the cake taste delicious if you bake a chocolate cake and insert fruits as your topping? Mostly, the answer would be no. But you can do that if the vanilla flavour is the base. In short, vanilla flavour is the preferred choice of many because it goes well with different toppings. 

  • Chocolate Cake– A chocolate cake is the favourite of kids and youths. It goes well with different flavours. You can keep the cake simple, use dark chocolates, a chocolate mousse, etc. Do you know what makes the cake tasty? It is the texture and the rich chocolaty flavour that melts into your mouth. Each bite is sure to suit your taste buds. Who can stop themself from eating a cake with rich cocoa and the chocolate layers in it? No one! There is a perfect blend of cocoa and sweetness, which enhances the flavour of the cake and makes each occasion special to celebrate. In short, a chocolate cake is the core of a special occasion. 
  • Fruit Cake– Are you a fruit lover? Are you health and diet-conscious? If yes, what are you waiting for? What is stopping you from having a fruit cake? What are you thinking about- The whipped cream, which is high in calories? Oh, come on! Don’t worry- You won’t get fat if you eat this creamy fruit cake for a day. Relax- Have this fruit cake and do a lot of exercise the next day. It is wrong to ignore the goodness of fruits. This cake is the favourite of fruit lovers for the perfect blend of its rich, creamy texture and the benefits of fruits. 
  • Red Velvet Cake– Among all the delicious cakes available in the market, red velvet cake is the most preferred choice. Since it has emerged recently in the market, people are keen on trying a red velvet cake. In addition, many people believe that it is a symbol of love. Shocking! Right? But you must understand that the blog aims not to discuss its origin and mystery. Remember that the blog aims to discuss why to try this cake. 

The primary reason for the red velvet cake being the favourite of many is its superb taste. This cake is a must-try option for the cake lovers. If you have tried a red velvet cake yet, try it soon. Words will count short if there is a discussion on this cake. The cake is rich with cocoa solids and cheese toppings. The cake provides a unique blend of buttermilk and vanilla extract, which enhances the taste of the cake. 

  • Orange Cake– Though this cake is not as in-demand and famous as those mentioned above, it is a must-try option. You must be wondering: If there are a variety of delicious cakes available, why try a red velvet? Believe it- If you try this cake once, you will never want to try another flavour, and this cake will become your favourite. This cake is a unique blend of sweetness and tanginess. The rich, soft, creamy texture of this cake and the orange flavour will enhance your taste buds and make you love this cake. This cake tastes superb if you sprinkle some powdered sugar into it. 
  • Cheesecake– Are you tired of eating the same flavoured cakes regularly? Do you want to try a unique cake not tasted earlier or the one in demand? In such cases, you should try a cheesecake. Have this once, and you will never forget the taste of it. Do you know why this cake is in demand? The flavour of this cake is so tempting that you cannot resist trying this cake on several occasions. Do you know several people are so fond of this cake that they do not wait for special events? They buy it to satisfy their craving. That’s it! Forget all these. Rather, focus on its taste. It is for sure that while reading this blog, you are craving it. Just think- If the imagination is alluring you, what will happen if you eat this cake? For sure, it would be a splendid experience. Made of sugar, cheese, butter, cream, eggs, etc., it provides a taste that you will never forget. You will feel that the cake has melted into your mouth. Garnished with caramel, chocolate drizzles, fresh fruits, etc., it will make the occasion extraordinary for you.


There are plenty of cakes available in the market, which can make an occasion extraordinary. Be it a vanilla cake, an orange cake, a cheesecake, a chocolate cake, etc., each cake has a unique taste, which makes it special. In the digital era, it is easy to place an order online, especially in Gurgaon. Search for bakeries which offer the best online cake delivery in Gurgaon. People of all age groups love to eat a cake. Hence, do not hesitate to satisfy your cravings and give yourself a treat.

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