What Are The Do’s And Dont’s Of Using Hair Serum?

Does frizz make it hard for you to style your hair? You must have heard everyone praising hair serum for its amazing anti-frizz properties. If you’re thinking if you can buy a hair serum and try it on your hair or not, this article is for you. At first, the thought might seem daunting. So allow us to explain the scientific jargon for you and determine whether the hype is justified.

What is hair serum?

Hair serums are made with active ingredients that go deeper into your hair, just like skin serums do. They are employed to prevent environmental aggressors from damaging the hair, help set hairstyles, and manage frizz. Serums only address the surface of the hair, whereas oils nourish the scalp. They can serve as temporary solutions or even take the place of your conditioners. Hair serums help to prevent cuticular damage by replenishing lost lipids. Applying the serum to your hair evenly is crucial, especially in the areas that require the most attention. If you’ve had chemical treatments done on your hair, go for a protein-rich serum.

When to use hair serum?

The primary advantage of serum is its ability to protect against pollution. Applying serum to freshly washed and damp hair is recommended. In this way, it gives your hair an extra layer of defense. 

How to apply?

Work your way toward the middle sections of your hair starting at the ends. Applying serum to your scalp can cause your hair to appear greasy and oily, so avoid doing so. Indeed, in order to prevent any product buildup, we would advise you to completely forget about the roots. Recall that your ends require the most sheen, so apply it there! 

How much should you apply?

Avoid using too many serums. If your hair is thin or oily, you will only need a pea-sized amount of serum; if it is thicker and drier, you may need a little more. 

How to pick the right one?

Hair serums are essentially products with a silicone base that coat your hair to smooth flyaways and frizz. Select one according to your concern and type of hair. 

Is hair serum necessary for your hair?

For good reason, hair serum has grown to be a crucial component of our hair care regimens. Shampoos can reveal the hair cuticles even though they are sufficiently cleansing. A layer of serum is essential because the conditioner is ineffective at sealing your cuticle.

Serums ought to be a part of your hair care regimen if you are someone who cannot live without using heat on your hair. They shield your hair from heat damage by adding an extra layer of defense. 

With some good luck, this post should help you make the most of hair serums. You can rock the shiny hair days ahead of time if you choose a hair serum that works for your type of hair. Use the serum only on the shafts of your hair, and stop using it if it gives you a rash on your scalp or causes excessive hair loss.

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