What are the Common Causes of Aviation Accidents?

Although not common, aviation accidents can be a serious problem. The common causes of aviation accidents include pilot error, natural disasters, and mechanical malfunctions or failures. If you would like to know more about the different causes of aviation accidents and how they can be prevented in order to help ensure your safety while flying, then click here to discuss with a top aviation lawyer! Here are some common causes of aviation accidents.

Pilot error

Pilot error can be the result of intentional pilot action or it could just be a mistake made by the pilot. This type of error is actually the most common cause of aviation accidents. You can prevent some types of pilot errors by following simple rules and procedures and practicing good habits, like checking that you have everything you need for a safe flight before taking off.

Mechanical defects

Mechanical failures or malfunctions can occur within the aircraft and they can be a bigger factor in aviation accidents than pilot error. These include metal fatigue, structural failure, rapid corrosion, or corrosion due to seawater that was not cleaned from damage caused by seawater or saltwater. You can prevent most mechanical failures through proper maintenance.

Weather issues

Bad weather is a cause of many aviation accidents. Weather conditions can contribute to pilot error and mechanical failure. There are also other factors, such as wind and turbulence, that can cause problems for aircraft pilots.

Air traffic controller error

Air traffic controllers are responsible for keeping planes at a safe distance from each other. If an air traffic controller makes an error or forgets to tell some planes about changing conditions, pilots can get too close to each other in the sky, causing an aviation accident. You can prevent air traffic controller errors by following the rules and procedures of different air traffic control towers.

FAA regulation violations

Another cause of aviation accidents is FAA regulation violations. This can include pilot license or certification violations, maintenance, and mechanical problems, and incorrect or missing information on flight plans. You can prevent aviation accidents from FAA regulation violations by following the rules and making sure you keep all of your paperwork properly.

Improper maintenance

The aircraft must be maintained properly and safely. The mechanic working on an aircraft must follow regulations and follow procedures for the aircraft. It is also important that the maintenance work is done properly, by qualified technicians and that all inspections are completed before flying.

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