What Are Important Steps Involved In Designing Custom Jersey?

The sports teams should have their personalized jerseys so that they can play well and show their unity to the opponent team. Well, the process of designing a custom jersey is very complicated. Before you start the designing process, you should know the important steps involved in it. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various steps involved in the jersey designing process:

1.  Search Different Design Idea

The process of designing a custom jersey starts with an idea. You can do the research on the internet, check out the uniforms of the favorite player, and also search for various other sources for inspiration. Your design idea is the first step towards the custom jersey designing process. For instance, if your team plays hockey, then you should search for the ideas of the custom hockey jerseys.

2.  Consider Adding Logo

The customization of the jersey means representing the unique identity of your team. It is not possible to set up a good identity for your sports team without an eye-catching logo.  Thus, you should prepare a good logo for your team. You can take the help of a good designer who can help in creating the logo of your team. Do not forget to incorporate the team logo in your custom printed jersey.

3. Color of Your Jersey

What kinds of colors are good for sports jerseys? It is recommended that you choose that color combination for your jersey that easily blends together. According to the experts, you should choose two complementary colors that can represent the personality of your team.

4. Print Name Of Your Team

As we have already mentioned that the main purpose of designing the custom jersey is representing team identity, therefore, you should print the name of your team.  Well, there are different ways to incorporate the name of your team on your jersey. But, it is recommended to print the name of your team in front of the jersey so that it is easily visible to all.  

5. Pick Right Font

The font type you choose to print the name of your team and player name plays a vital role. Some fonts may look attractive, but they are not readable from distance.  Therefore, you should use simple and readable fonts only. Also, you should not pick more than two types of fonts on your jersey.

6. Hire The Printer

Once you are ready with your design, then the next thing that you need to consider is Hiring the printing service provider. The printing service provider should be capable of offering the top-notch printing services. Before hiring any printing service provider, you should consider the reviews of previous clients. 

You have to consider a few things before placing the order: Size measurement of each member of your team and the accurate name of your team members. You should take the proper measurement of the size of your team members.

7. Discuss Details Of Design

Once you have noted the measurement details of your team members and hired the best printing service provider, you should discuss the designing details.  It is imperative to discuss these details properly so that you get the desired end result. 

For instance, if you are designing the custom soccer uniforms, then you should discuss the details of the design with the professional so that you get the perfect jersey. 

8. Pick The Right Printing Technique

You should discuss the designing detail with the printing service provider and make sure that you choose the perfect printing technique. There are two important things to consider while choosing the printing technique: fabric quality and desired end results. You should take suggestions from printing professionals because they are experts in this field.

9. Discuss The Deadline

You should discuss the deadline with the printing service provider in advance so that you do not face any problem in the end. Usually, the printing service providers take 16 working days to print the jerseys of the team.

10. Pay For Printing

You should pay the amount of print the design on the custom jersey and collect the printed jersey of your team. Make sure that the final paying amount is similar to that discussed in advance. There should be no hidden cost. 

When you place an order in bulk, then printing professionals also provide a big discount. As you are going to place an order for the printing custom jerseys of your team, therefore, you are going to place an order in bulk. Thus, you should freely ask for a discount from the printing service provider.

Final Words

The custom jersey printing process includes various stages. Once you have prepared the design and placed the order, then the next stages would be handled by the printing service providers. There are various stages in the printing process.

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