Warning: These Web Design Errors Will Destroy Your Brand Image

No matter how best are your products or quality of services if you have a website with poor designing and structure. Unprofessional sites will decrease conversion rates as well as ruin your brand image. Therefore, you have to learn from your mistakes and fix them before it causes you more than expected. 

To increase your conversion rates and save your brand image from damaging, ensure to know the mistakes you are making or already have in your website design. Below are the critical and frequently executed web design errors to consider and fix them as soon to make a strong brand image.  

1. Irrelevant Website Navigation

One of the crucial parts of website designing is navigation. Your overall site traffic will be affected if the navigation part is not correct. Thus, ensure to be logical so your web users can redirect through your website without getting lost. Even the experts in web design, i.e., Adaptify digital agency says that “Relevant navigation helps the buyers find what they are looking for like contact details or blog posts.”

If it is taking a long time for customers to see what they want, they can get frustrated and jump to the other site. Unfortunately, it results in decreasing sales and conversions. Therefore, always plan out for website navigation structure. You only have to follow the simple rule that customers visiting your site for any information should get it in three clicks. 

2. Out of Order Web Layout

Nobody likes to visit a website with a cluttered designing and unclear information. If your business website design is out of order with irrelevant elements, it can repel your visitors. Even customers can avoid your web content and click away to exit, resulting in losing conversion chances. 

Therefore, ensure that your web design is neat and aesthetically appealing. It can have a powerful impact on your web visitors, and they might show interest in your services or products. Overall, it is the best way to grab the focus on customers. However, you can also use white space and consider minimalist design ideas while developing the website. 

3. Non-Engaging Call-to-Action

CTAs, i.e., call-to-action is an effective way to boost your web conversion rates. Thus, pay attention to CTA usage in your website content. Many sites have non-engaging call-to-action and if you are making the same mistake, then wake up. Unattractive or indirect CTA buttons will never encourage your visitors to take the desired actions. 

Also, poorly designed CTA will affect the customer’s attention and lead towards low-quality conversions. Therefore, ensure to optimise your CTAs by keeping your text short and direct. You can even use active verbs, for example, Sign Up, Try for free, and much more. The more you use direct CTA, the more you get conversions. 

4. Below Standard Visuals

According to the study, the visual presentation gets more engagement compared to simple text messages. But only when your visuals are of high-quality and attractive. Note that images and videos play a huge role in enhancing your conversions. If you are into product-based business, then not displaying it clearly on your site can affect the customer’s buying decision. 

Additionally, low-quality visuals also negatively impact buyers that they might think that the product images are from the Internet, and not the actual photography is done. As a result, they lose confidence in your business. Thus, displaying high-quality visuals related to your business will help you boost your reputation while increasing conversions.

5. Web Inaccessibility

When your website lacks the features that can help people with disabilities to redirect or transact smoothly within your site, it is mainly known as web inaccessibility. Having an inaccessible website can lead to minimising conversion rates. Here you need to consider an automated web accessibility solution that includes artificial intelligence (AI). 

AI plays a huge role in assisting disable buyers, i.e., people with blindness issue or motor-disabled. Integrating AI into your site can help those buyers operate within your site efficiently as it includes larger text, font styles which is readable, and much more. Making your website accessible will open the doors for the larger number of people while increasing your conversions. 

Final Words

If you are doing or already implemented the web design mistakes mentioned above, you can still turn them around. Continue to learn more about your website issues and monitor performance data. Knowing your errors will help you fix them soon while increasing conversions. Even you can take the help of marketing agency specialising in website designing. 

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