Virtual Phone Number and Why It’s Safe to Use

In today’s world, most mobile apps for managing accounts or apps with personal data like social networks tie their app to a phone number. It is understood that when changing the password, phone or reinstalling the application, the client will be able to confirm his action using an SMS message. All this works fine until you lose your smartphone or worse, it is stolen from you. The problem is that in this way you can lose money from your accounts. You can avoid such troubles with the help of a virtual phone number.

How does a virtual number help protect your data?

Having a virtual number, you link all available applications to it and you can receive sms online. At the same time, only you know the virtual number and no one else. If your smartphone falls into the hands of fraudsters, they will not be able to use the available data from the device, even if they have full access to all applications. And all attempts to recover passwords and access services on a smartphone fail.

A sim virtual is in no way connected with your physical equipment, but exists only virtually. Due to the flexible configuration, this solution is ideal for both employees in the office and for remote work. One of the main advantages of virtual numbers is the possibility of anonymization. This way you protect your personal data.

This reveals the widest possibilities for using the number, because the user is not tied to a device, a specific program, or a specific application. And at any time you can access all SMS and calls.

OnlineSIM virtual numbers provider cares about the confidentiality of its customers’ data. Therefore, it simply does not ask clients for any sensitive information about them.

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