Tom Holland Movies

tom holland movies

If you’re looking for an exciting new actor to watch, consider a few Tom Holland movies. The English-born actor has won the British Academy Film Award, three Saturn Awards, and a Guinness World Record for the most roles in a single film. He’s also been named one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in Europe, and has been called one of the best new talents of his generation. Here are some of his most memorable performances.

The Impossible (2012, Pixar)

Holland’s first role in a movie was in the comedy “Onward,” a computer-animated animated comedy about a teenage elf. He and his brother Barley team up to find a special gem, which will bring their father back to life. The brothers’ bond over their quest, which brings them closer together and helps them realize the importance of family. But what is his most memorable role?


This 2004 drama is based on the true events of the Indian Ocean tsunami. Holland plays an unlucky-heroinheroin addict, who becomes a drug addict. This is one of his best movies and is a must-watch for fans of horror, comic books, and video games. The film is also based on the novel of the same name by Nico Walker. While the story is realistic, it has been described as a romantic comedy and is perfect for the whole family.


Although Tom Holland is not a major presence in the movie, he does lend his voice to the titular character. Ivan Locke, who is a father who drives to a hospital to witness the birth of his son, is the main character in this film. He appears in both films and is also nominated for an Oscar. This film has been a popular hit for Holland. It’s one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year.

The Impossible

This film was Tom Holland’s first major role in a movie. The movie is based on a true story of a family vacationing in Thailand. They are separated by a tsunami and must fight for survival. In addition to the films listed above, Tom Holland has appeared in several TV shows and in many commercials. But this is only a small sample of his acting career.


The movie became a hit after Holland made his name in Billy Elliot the Musical. It was his first leading role in a Hollywood movie. In 2012, he also starred in The Impossible, a true story about a man and his mission to save the world. Besides the superhero movies, he has also voiced numerous other movies, including a variety of comedies.

Edge of Winter

This movie stars a young Tom Holland and is one of his more recent films. The movie revolves around a family who lives in a remote cabin during the winter. Their father, a retired pilot, becomes increasingly unhinged due to the cold, and the children struggle to survive. The family eventually gets separated from their father, who is left in the snow. The film is a heartwarming family drama, and will appeal to many audiences.

The Devil All the Time

This Netflix movie is based on a Donald Ray Pollock novel. This clever and complex plot takes place during the Cold War era in the United States, just before the Vietnam War. It’s a great historical drama that will make you want to see more of the actor’s work. The devil is always a good thing! So, if you’re looking for a new Tom Holland movie, consider giving it a try.


This computer-animated Pixar movie features Tom Holland as a teenage elf named Ian Lightfoot. He teams up with his brother Barley and works for a secret treasure. The brothers must work together to save their father from a mysterious villain who is threatening their home. In the process, they must make the world safe and friendly for the father. However, they must be able to work together, which is why they must work together as a team.


This film is set in the distant future. All women are gone on Todd’s planet. Men are afflicted with a disease known as “the Noise” that allows their thoughts to be displayed in front of others. Fortunately, the two are able to work together to save Viola from a horrible fate. Despite the fact that there are no plots for both of them in this film, it is a great success, which will keep you coming back for more.