Tips For Buying the Right Furniture For Your Home

For most people, their house is their most valuable asset. But many people don’t realize that the furniture in their house is close behind, right after their vehicle.

That’s why it’s important to consider your furniture purchases carefully. A beautiful chair may turn out to be so uncomfortable, you rarely sit in it. Or that couch may have looked stunning in the showroom, but it ends up being too large for your den.

Before you go looking for that next piece in a high-end furniture store Los Angeles-based, there are a few tips that are sure to save you time, money, and disappointment.

Measure and measure again

It’s true, you can never measure too much. True, you want to make sure you have enough space in the room to fit your furniture. But you also have to consider how you’re going to move it in once you’ve bought it. Will it fit through your doorway? Can you fit it up your staircase if it’s going upstairs?

Oversized and uniquely shaped furniture can pose their own challenges. Make sure you can get it in and fit it in your space before deciding you love it. Check the height, width and depth of each piece to determine if it’s right for your place. It’s not as simple as returning it. Remember, many furniture stores must charge a restocking fee or may have limited return policies on custom pieces.

Consider how the furniture blends in your home

When you’re shopping for luxury sofas and sectionals, or any furniture, make sure it is right for your home decor. While you may think you know what works and doesn’t for your space, it can be difficult to see just how a color or style works with the rest of your furnishings.

Maybe the color is a little off, something you didn’t realize in the showroom. Avoid this by asking the salesperson if you can take a swatch home to see how it works with everything else.

Match your lifestyle

As you consider furniture options, make sure you keep your lifestyle in mind. If you have children or pets, you will want to think about what works for them. It doesn’t make sense to buy a piece with delicate fabrics if your pet is using it, too. If you’re planning a family, consider more kid-friendly pieces even though you’re not yet a parent. Remember, good furniture should last many years, so consider what your lifestyle will be in the next few years.

It’s not too much to ask that the furniture can stand up to sticky kid fingers and dirty dog paws.

Take your time

It’s funny how people can spend months searching for that perfect home and then think they can walk into one store and find the right furniture for it. Because this is such a big investment, take your time shopping for furniture. Make sure you think about the pieces you like for at least a day before you buy them.

Take home that swatch to check it out. Take photos of the pieces in the showroom and see how they look at home. Measure everything a couple of times to ensure it’s the right fit. And make sure the chairs, couches, or sofas you are considering are comfortable. Sit on them and find out if there are ways to customize the comfort of cushions if your furniture is made to order.

Remember your budget

Like any big investment, you must consider what you can afford. It doesn’t make sense to disregard price if you’ll spend years paying off the debt incurred from buying something you can’t afford. That only makes it difficult to enjoy your purchase.

Determine what you can spend and stick to the budget. Don’t be tempted by store credit that could cost you hundreds of dollars more in interest at rates higher than 20%. Just as you would before making a home or vehicle purchase, save up for this purchase. And don’t forget hidden costs that you might not expect, like a delivery charge or an extended warranty. Consider all the costs and make sure you can afford them.

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