Things To Keep In Mind While Ordering A Cake

A cake is an essential element of any celebration or occasion. Be it a birthday celebration, a wedding ceremony or an anniversary party, cakes are a must-have. Cakes are like a masterpiece to any occasion or celebration; they add an excessive amount of specialty to events, leaving the guests awestruck. 

Yet, to make the event more significant and pleasant, some details need to be remembered while choosing the cake. Irrespective of the occasion, the cake should unquestionably cater to the requirements of the party and the most important person of that party. It should be a center of attraction of the celebration obviously after the man/lady of the celebration. So, we are here to help you out in remembering the key elements while choosing a cake


One of the basic components of the cake is the design. The cake needs to grab the attention of the spectator at the absolute first instance. So, the design, just as the shape of the cake, has a tremendous impact. The cake configuration can be heart-shaped, square, rectangular, or can be of 1 tier, 2 tier, 3 tier or numerous tiers according to the need. So, pick the design according to the occasion, persona of concern and your budget.


In the 13th century, the baking of cakes included flour (all-purpose flour, whole grain flour, or wheat flour) mixed with eggs/condensed milk, nuts, honey and milk. But, as time passes, the cake makers and the process of baking have surely evolved into something more diverse. Now, we are offered with 1000s of flavours. So, go for the flavour liked by the person for whom you are ordering it, or according to the guests, or if ordering for you, then it’s straight and simple.


There are different types of icing options available for your cake according to your preference.

  1. Meringue icing is made of cold water, granulated sugar and egg whites. It is a light and foamy icing with three variations, specifically French, Italian and Swiss.
  2. Fondant icing can be spread without ripping and constitutes water, gelatin, glycerine, sugar.
  3. Royal icing is composed of lime juice, sugar and egg white sets into a hard shell when chilled. 
  4. Whipped Cream, also called Chantilly cream, is a common, mostly used and popular frosting type. It is not at all dense and is made with sugar and cream.
  5. Cream cheese frosting is made by mixing buttercream and cream cheese. It is quite heavy in texture because of cream cheese and gives a deliciousness and cheesy texture to the cupcakes, red velvet etc.
  6. Buttercream is also one of the most commonly used icings; it is used to cover the cakes, filling cakes. It goes with any kind of cake and infuses well with vanilla extract.


As a thumb rule, a cake cut is 4 inches tall, 1 inch wide, and 2 inches long. Nonetheless, the tallness of the cake relies upon the quantity of layers and icing. It likewise relies upon the need of the event. For instance, a wedding cake is a layered cake, and the quantity of levels relies upon the number of guests. A 5 tier cake, for instance, in a perfect world gives roughly 210 servings. So, make sure your cake is big enough to serve all your guests.


The cake variation implies the egg and eggless cake types. For vegetarians, it is always eggless, and for vegans, it is a little complex as they need a cake prepared without any dairy product, and for the rest, a simple cake made with eggs and dairy will do.  So, if it’s your anniversary, then order anniversary cake online and get all the elements checked as these days you can get whichever and however, you like your cake to be. 

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