The Ultimate Guide to Hire react Developers: Salaries, Skills, and More

Finding and retaining a React Native programmer can be quite a challenge for some companies. We have a rigorous hiring process to properly screen our React Native developers. In addition to our theoretical tests, talents must show practical, hands-on experience and React Native development.

The demand for highly skilled talent in React Native development is higher than the supply. There is a significant shortage in the market. Our mission is simple: Hunt, hire, retain the best of React Native programmers. This allows our customers to always stay ahead of the curve.

Hire React Developers: who he is, what are his main duties, career opportunities and average salary:

Who is the React developer

He is a computer developer who deals with building the visible part and the user experience of a website, an app, a digital system. He therefore works a lot on the interface but, like the web designer, he does not limit himself to conceiving the graphic part of a digital object. But it also studies the user-experience, i.e. the flow and the best way. For example, from access to purchase on an e-commerce site, everything runs smoothly and is understandable and intuitive for the user. 

The role of the react developer can be both freelance and employee and there are in fact more and more development or IT consulting companies offering permanent positions for job optimization reasons.This figure is one of the most sought after by companies: discover all the career opportunities as a React programmer.

What it does: the tasks of the React developer

Writes code to process the visible part of that site or app. This is why he has skills ranging from programming techniques to creativity and intuition: it is often the React developer who finds the best solution if, for example, you have doubts about where to put the “buy” button on the page or on how to structure the digital path not only for the customer but also for the company. 

One of the essential skills to obtain a job interview in this sector is to demonstrate the knowledge of programming languages ​​necessary for the creation of sites and apps. For a react developer generally the basic languages ​​are HTML, CSS but very often to get a job knowledge of systems conceived with JavaScript MVC frameworks such as Angular, Vue, or even in Python environments is required, GIT, ES6, Typescript 3+, CRA / Next.js. 

If you want to develop an App, it is better that you also have knowledge of Swift, the official Apple programming language that allows you to develop native applications. In the same way, you get more points if you know how to use platforms and tools that allow you to build applications not only iOS but also in Android – the environment of Google apps, so to speak, but not only.

The good reasons to respond to a job advertisement as a Hire Dedicated ReactJS Developers. This profession is always in high demand and transversal but there are also other reasons to try to become a React developer :

– Innovation and creativity: This role guarantees a certain “visibility” because the finished product bears the evident signature of a good frontend. This means being able to also boast a natural portfolio to be presented to companies during the selection and job interview phase;

– Accessibility: As already mentioned, this is a highly qualifying position but which does not necessarily require a degree, so in positions where it is not required, the role is also accessible to those who only have a high school diploma;

– Continuous training: Starting to work as a React developer is absolutely not limiting on a professional level. IT development and IT consulting companies reward the continuing education of their employees who are driven to learn new programming languages ​​thus ensuring more job opportunities in the future.

– An indispensable resource for all companies: Every company, every multinational and even every startup needs front-end developers: learning one of the languages ​​mentioned above is an investment with a guaranteed return.

How much does a React developer earn: Salary

The React developer is not the immediately highest paid job in the IT sector, but it still offers an excellent springboard for growth. In fact, a junior earns around 28 hundred dollars per month (according to Glassdoor) in the company, and his contract belongs to the national collective agreement for the Tertiary and Commerce sector. 

In general, this profile often works as a freelancer and consultant with a VAT number, earning with about 5 years of experience even over gross 25,000 dollars a year. 

How to become a React developer

The degree in Computer Engineering or Computer Science is undoubtedly the best for this type of path: but not only. Tutored companies often look for young graduates in all fields of Engineering, Mathematics, Physics and Statistics: these degree courses provide the basis for quickly entering the world of programming.

Those who want to pursue this career can also learn to program self-taught: to date there are numerous online courses that help to extend dedicated development teams. Other realities, such as Codemotion, train programmers and developers by offering opportunities both from the training side and from the work side.

Things to keep in mind

To make a good impression and get an interview as a React developer you need to show what you are capable of, so it is good practice in addition to the CV to have your own portfolio with the apps created and the sites created, perhaps an open Github profile and a list of problems solved thanks to their intervention in development and any other information that makes us indispensable for open positions.

If you want to discover the further possibilities of work in the development field then the advice is to read these insights.

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