Picrew: The History of a Unique Image-Creating Platform

Picrew has been one of the most innovative and exciting image-creating platforms to hit the Internet in years. Offering all sorts of tools to help you create more artistic images with your photos. But where did this revolutionary concept come from? Where does it go from here? To answer these questions, let’s take a look at some key moments in the history of Picrew.

An Introduction to Picrew

Picrew is an image-creation software program. It allows users to drag, drop, and copy different types of objects into a scene. Creating unique compositions that can be saved or shared with others. Because it’s intuitive, web-based, and easy to navigate. Picrew has become popular among companies and people who need custom photos for their marketing materials; as well as children looking for an art class alternative. If you are considering using Picrew in your own personal or professional life. keep reading to learn more about its history.

How We Came Up With the Idea

It all started with a group project in college. Two friends and I were designing an art installation, and we wanted to incorporate touchscreen tablets. We found it impossible to find technology that was both affordable and user-friendly for novices, so we created picrew. Using picrew is as easy as drawing or writing with your fingertip on a sheet of paper. And while professional artists can take it much further than that. There’s no learning curve if you just want to create some quick doodles or sketches on your tablet. picrew bridges the gap between artistic skill levels. Which is why it’s been adopted by everyone from elementary school kids using touchscreens for projects at home to business professionals looking for an easy way to display presentations at work.

Why We Chose This Name?

Picrew is a brand new visual image-creation platform that’s making waves in Silicon Valley. Picrew was founded by Ravi Rao and Ramen Taneja. Two Indian entrepreneurs who say they were tired of watching tech companies like Instagram and Snapchat make millions off their ideas without giving credit or compensation. The Picrew name comes from Rao and Taneja’s combined passion for photography (Taneja) and computers (Rao). In choosing to use picrew as an all-inclusive word. They wanted to pay homage to some of their favorite tools: Photoshop + computer = pic; iPhone + camera = iphone; etc. We knew we wanted something short but memorable, said Rao.

What Is Our Vision?

Picrew is an image creation tool. In our vision, you’ll be able to create beautiful digital images using any color, font. And frame style on any digital canvas (such as phone background or desktop wallpaper). That’s pretty abstract so let’s take a step back for a second. We believe that everyone should have access to digital art at their fingertips and we’re working to provide just that. With Picrew, anyone can enjoy beautiful art—it doesn’t matter if you’re tech savvy or not. So what makes Picrew different? For starters, it’s super easy-to-use.

What Exactly Does the App Do?

Picrew is an app that allows users to create images through a series of guided steps. Users begin by selecting their preferred shapes and colors. Then add text if they want (using any font) and place their image in different parts of their photo. Users can also add multiple layers, which creates effects like shadows or reflections. After users are done creating. They can easily share it on social media sites or even save it as their profile picture.

Why Are We So Proud Of It?

After all, Picrew is just a fun image creation platform with an added layer of creativity. But, we do have one thing to be proud about — and that’s your ability to use it. While you don’t have to learn how to use Picrew until you actually want to create an image. It is so simple that even toddlers can understand it. As long as you know what colors go together (and whether or not you want them touching). And where one pic ends and another begins, then Picrew will take care of everything else. This allows anyone and everyone to get creative with their images in ways they never thought possible before. Whether they realize it or not, Picrew has helped make our world more creative—and that makes us very proud!

Do We Have Any Partnerships?

picrew isn’t integrated with any major content management system or blogging platform (yet!). That said, you can make a copy of picrew’s templates for use on your own server. This is ideal if you have other customizations in mind; however, we are planning to partner with popular sites and services like Tumblr, WordPress and others. If you represent one of these entities, we’d love to hear from you!

Does It Cost Anything To Use the App?

Yes, Picrew costs money to use. You can get it free if you’re willing to put up with ads or pay $9.99 per month for an ad-free experience. There’s also a seven-day trial that you can use to create your first picrews before deciding whether or not you want to keep using it. Picrew offers multiple pricing plans for people who want to purchase bulk credits and there are discounts for college students and teachers. As such, users who feel like they’ll be making regular use of picrew will be able to save some money in that regard; however, it is still technically a business investment that users will have to make before ever getting started with using picrew regularly.

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