Open Vs. Enclosed Car Shipping: What to Know?

Transporting your vehicle to a new state or location can now be possible with the help of the right companies. However, there are various services available out there, and each option has its pros and cons. See more about transport and relocation tips on this site here.

Fortunately, by knowing what these packages entail and what you’re signing up for, you can be more informed with your decisions when you know what you’re getting into. Here are some of the things that you need to know about auto transport services.

What is Open Car Carrier Transport?

A popular method chosen by owners is open transport, where the car is loaded on a truck and transported over long distances. It’s very affordable because the costs are spread to the other owners. It’s a budget-friendly option for many people who want to transfer their daily drives from one state to another.

With its availability and convenience, it’s no surprise that this option is in demand and very popular. More companies are providing this service, so you’ll have better chances of finding a specific driver that will go to your destination.

However, there are some downsides to consider as well, when opting for open-car shipping, where the biggest concern is exposure to potential damage from weather conditions or road debris during transportation. While most carriers take precautions such as covering the cars with protective wraps or using nets, there’s still a risk involved.


As mentioned, people are choosing this because it’s generally more affordable, and multiple cars will mean that the trips are going to be worth it. Less resources are used, and they significantly reduce fuel consumption for many companies.

Enclosed Car Shipping: Keeping Your Vehicle Safe and Sound

Top-notch options are also available when you want to transport your car over long distances for maximum protection. Get them shielded from the weather and the outside elements, and you can also enjoy its added security. There will be no need to worry about breaking your windshield and getting other damages from flying objects. Everything is going to remain unscathed thanks to the walls and roofs of the trucks.

Another benefit of choosing enclosed car shipping is privacy, if you have a luxury or classic car that you’d prefer to keep under wraps until it reaches its destination, an enclosed carrier provides the perfect solution. The opaque walls ensure that prying eyes won’t catch a glimpse of your valuable automobile.

While the extra protection and privacy provided by enclosed car shipping are undeniable advantages, there are some downsides to consider as well. One key factor is cost since due to the higher level of care and specialized equipment involved in loading and unloading vehicles into an enclosed carrier, this option tends to be more expensive than open transport.

Also, depending on where you live or where your vehicle needs to be delivered, finding an available carrier with ample space can sometimes pose a challenge for those opting for enclosed transport.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Open and Enclosed

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Open and Enclosed

You should take into account the level of protection you want for your vehicle. Open or enclosed shipping may apply depending on your needs. However, if you have a classic or luxury car that requires extra care, then enclosed transport might be the better option for you. On the other hand, if your car is more common or less valuable, open transport could be a more cost-effective choice.

Another important factor is weather conditions. If you’re shipping during winter months or through harsh climates, an enclosed carrier can provide added protection against snow, rain, and road debris. However, if the weather forecast looks clear and mild throughout your route, opting for an open carrier may be sufficient.

Consider also the distance of your shipment. For shorter distances within a specific region or state, open transport can usually get the job done without any issues. However, if you’re transporting across long distances or even internationally, enclosed shipping provides greater security against potential damage from road hazards you can find out more at this link:

Also, think about scheduling flexibility when making your decision. Open carriers tend to have more availability due to their popularity but may involve longer delivery times as they make multiple stops along their routes. Enclosed carriers typically offer quicker transit times since they cater to fewer customers at once.

Cost Comparison

Open car shipping is generally more affordable than enclosed shipping, and it is because open carriers can transport multiple vehicles at once, reducing costs for each vehicle owner. However, while open-car shipping may save you money, it does come with some drawbacks.

One of the main disadvantages of open-car shipping is that your vehicle will be exposed to the elements during transportation. It may be subject to dirt, dust, debris, or even weather conditions, such as rain or snow. Also, there may be a higher risk of minor damage due to possible road hazards.

However, if budget isn’t a major concern and you have a classic or luxury vehicle that requires extra care and protection during transportation, then opting for enclosed car shipping might be worth considering.

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