Latest Digital Marketing Trends

Introduction To Digital Marketing

Every single thing in this universe has now turned, Digital. Be it education, cooking and what not, existing elements of our world are enhanced by incorporating the idea of digitizing them. So, if you have a desire to take your business a step ahead, just make it digital. Being digital is not only what you require, the digitalization needs to be optimized properly. If your business is based in Abu Dhabi, you can get advice from the best seo agency in Abu Dhabi. You might be wondering now how will you accomplish all these? Well, it’s simple as long as you keep reading this article. So, stay tuned as we take you to a journey through the trending digital marketing tips and tactics.

First Stop: Everyone’s favourite, AI

Artificial Intelligence is conquering most of the fields in today’s world. Speed and time management are the two key features which are really advantageous in the case of AI as compared to humans. AI can detect the audience’ behaviour and act accordingly thereby targeting the right audience for your service. AI powered voice assistants have also enhanced a lot. Many easy jobs are already taken up which in turn reduce the manpower needed. Also, these services are error free to a great extent when compared to humans doing the same task. 

Let’s Have A Chat With The Chatbots

You might have seen that several sites have included a chat session in their website which helps customers to have a conversation regarding their queries about a particular product or service. These chat sessions are so realistic that we often wonder whether we are talking to a real-life person. The introduction of chatbots have greatly advanced the field of digital marketing. They are available throughout the day and night ,24/7 which is really a benefit for those companies which perform at an international market as different time zones do not affect the work productivity. And also, on a humorous note, if you’re unhappy with the services a firm provides you have all the right to say about it without thinking of the fact “Oh no! What will he think about me now?”. The added patience and reliability of the chatbots can just be defined as tremendous.

Time For Some Video Marketing

Video marketing is another trending method these days. With the habit of reading fading away, people tend to find ease in watching videos which make the information clear. Moreover, entertaining videos try to capture the attention of the audience much more compared to a long text. Also, watching the product makes them more eager to buy the product and give it a try and thereby increasing the conversion rates. As people find video embedded pages more entertaining and interesting, Google ranks them higher and congratulations you have a really good rank now.

Stories: The Perfect Way To Market Your Product

Social media stories are rising at a fast pace these days. It seems to be one of the best way to market your service or product. As customers are spending more time on social media, this method has a huge scope of reaching success. Adding to that, people are interested in seeing up-to-date uploads of the various products and services. Looking at the facts and figures, around 64% of the marketers have already implemented this in their strategies. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try, analyse the result and come to a conclusion if this method is meant for you or not.

Don’t Just Look Smart, Think Smart Too

You might have heard about bidding on Google Ad’s.  Many firms have followed this but they often lack one feature which is, smartness. One needs to be smart to know where to bid and where to bid, where to lay your hands on and where not to. You can now automate your bidding with Google Ads. 

Something Better Than Chatbots? Yes, Conversational Marketing Is The Best Alternative

Though the fame of chatbots is rising, conversational marketing is rising highly even more compared to chatbots according to statistics. Chatbots always have those same, constant standard messages to reply with. But with the introduction of conversational marketing, we feel much friendlier with the marketer we are talking to. The friendlier, the merrier, right? When things are conveyed to us in a much more engaged and casual way, we try to perceive it and also contemplate on it more. And as a result of this we will be more convinced to purchase a particular product or service offered by the firm you are approaching. 

It’s Time To Bid Farewell To The Old-fashioned Marketing Emails

You might have often noticed numerous marketing emails just eating up the space of your inbox. These emails are neither bothered by us nor do we actually take time to even read the subject at times. Here, comes the use of AI + Machine learning for building an email to make it more engaging to your audience. Though AI just celebrated its 65th birthday, the trends evolving from it is still perishing in the industry. It lends a helping hand in creating personalized emails for your dear customers. Personalized emails often capture the attention of the users and encourage them to make a perfect buy. Instead of sending the details about all the products you have, you can send the information about the products your customer likes, now this is called one way of personalization. Adding to this fact, subject lines are those first few words which grab the attention quickly, so more emphasis should be laid on making the subject lines much more engaging and yes of course, personalized.

Added Videos? But Sorry You Aren’t Done Yet. Let’s Optimise Them

Though we mentioned earlier about adding video to enrich the whole look of the website and to grab the eyes of the audience, random throwing of many videos won’t actually raise your rank higher in a search engine. For your rank to be higher too, you need to optimise the video also. Firstly, always have a goal when making the video. View the video as a member of the audience and see how it plays with our emotions and moreover look out for a reason pushing the person to buy the product or service. Always remember to add CTA’s (Call to action) which prompts the customers to make a purchase. It would be a great benefit if you could add lead forms to your video so that we can collect some personal information about the customers. But for this tip, keep in mind that too much of anything isn’t that good. Add keywords and descriptions to your title and video’s description. You can also try adding a blog post to your video to increase your rank. Getting advice from the best seo company in Abu Dhabi can help you in optimizing your videos to get a good reach.

So To Bring It All Under One Roof

Digital marketing is surely the best way to raise your business to a whole new level filled with much more profit and many more customers, but as you say there is always room for improvement, so does this field. Flowing with the latest trend is the best way to keep up with the changing world. So always check out for upcoming trends and tips and try to incorporate them in your business such that success comes to you in flying colours.

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