KIDHANMA – How to become the Unicorn in today’s society

The majority of the people live as per the norms of the society and they are living as the other do. In this world, there are some people who want to stand out in the crowd of people. Similar is the case with KIDHANMA. Yes, this 26 years German author loves to live in a unique way. His parents came into Germany from Iran and had a boy born in Germany. They named him Armin Mokhtarinejad. The boy is now famous with his pen name KIDHANMA. His parents came to Germany to make a good living for him and his two older brothers. 

About his creativity

From learning the martial arts to telling the stories and making music were some of the talents he found out about when he was studying in the Kindergarten. At a young age, he got bored with the typical style of learning so that he focused on martial arts. Later in his life, he found out that because his parents had spent their life and their money on him and they wanted him to go to college, he sacrificed everything and went to the educational institutions. 

Even after graduation in his professional career, he was not happy with his life because he found out that he was never the person who could move in a typical way. In fact, he was always the person to become the creator. Later in his life, his creative nature took him on to YouTube. 

He started making videos on YouTube. He is excellent at photography and videography. From childhood, he was very much interested in martial arts, so he went on to extend that to another level by learning new moves. His talent didn’t end here. He started to show an interest in writing. Now, we know him as an author. He has written the first book named “How to be the unicorn in modern-day society”. The unique path to live your life is the concept that has been focused on in this book.

Rules of the world didn’t subside him.

Darmstadt is the city where he is living right now, and he says that many Middle Eastern immigrants come to the city and the only thing they think about is getting a job and getting married. But, he was never a person like that. He always wanted to go to the field where his heart tells him. He doesn’t want to live as per the norms of the society. He always wanted to live life like the Unicorn and make life like you want to instead of thinking about others.  

About the book.

The majority of the people like his book, and it was a best-selling product on Amazon where he got the reward of becoming the Amazon’s  bestseller. Later on in his life, it was removed from Amazon because he wanted to edit some of the content in the book. Because of the fans and readers of his book, he has got more than 10000 Followers on Instagram. You can access him on

The YouTube channel which he has created has now become the source where he posts the things related to becoming the Unicorn in life. He has motivated people towards a new dimension of life.

Now he is starting to have the podcast where he invites the people who have become the Unicorn in their life and have taken the Unique and another route to achieve their goals in their life. The first podcast will be released in December 2020. 

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