Incredible products to add to your dental practice

If you are looking for something that will take your entire dental practice to the next level, then you might want to take a look at these products and pieces of new technology. Some are going to seem like no brainers, and others might introduce new ideas and concepts that you haven’t even heard of before.

Weighted Blankets For Dental Patients

Let’s be honest, sometimes going to the dentist is very very nerve wracking and patients can get a little nervous. Additionally, even the calm patients tend to get a bit jittery and nervous while in the chair. In order to counter this, you can use weighted blankets to place on your patient’s laps or even on their chests to help keep them calm and relaxed. After all, you’ll likely be covering them with a bib anyway to operate, so what’s one more thing?

Weighted blankets mimic the feeling of being held or hugged, and can be very helpful for people who just need a little extra something to get through the dental procedure. 

A Stress Ball

Another way for some patients to relieve stress in the dentist’s chair is to have something to do with their hands. If you can provide a stress ball or fidget spinner to those patients who might need a distraction while your dentist roots around in their mouths, then you will see an increased retention rate in those patients, as well as new patients coming in who know that your dental practice works to help keep them calm.

A Good Computer System

Computers are important for nearly every aspect of running this world, and a dental practice is no different. If you have a good computer system, not only can you manage flies and control your patients’ invoices, but you can also use the computer to increase your efficiency and provide extra support for your patients. For example, you could stream soft and easy music through the computer into the waiting room, or better schedule your patient’s appointments so they aren’t sitting in the waiting room for a long period of time.

Plus, being able to have a good system of computers, as well as the software to manage all of the electronics, is an amazing tool that will provide a ton of benefits. If you’ve got a massive practice and no idea how to manage it all, having a software that can do all of that for you so going to be a lifesaver.

Intraoral Cameras

These cameras allow you to take a picture of the mouth of your patient, and will allow them to see what is going on with their oral health. You can even take pictures before, during, and after a procedure to show your patients a complete history. It’s a powerful tool, and allows you to back up whatever you are saying about your patient’s oral health because they can see what is going on. When handling this equipment, make sure that you are wearing the proper PPE. A quick tip: buy nitrile gloves as it is more recommended to use for dental procedures.

You can find a lot of intraoral cameras, as well as several other wholesale dental products online, and with a bit of research, you can find the one that works for you. Once you do, you probably won’t ever want to use another, and will often wonder how your practice survived without one for so long!

A Digital Radiograph Machine

Alright, it might just be a fancy way of saying an X-ray machine, but being able to take digital x-rays is extremely important for dentists. If you don’t have a digital x-ray machine, then you need to get one and take in all the advantages. It has a lower dose of radiation, is better for the environment, and is more efficient while also cutting costs.

Most dentists can’t practice without a radiograph machine, so if you still need to get one, you need to snatch it up quickly and start seeing all the advantages of this piece of equipment.

Keep Expanding Your Practice With Products

As much as you might want to keep your dental practice the way it is, (either to keep costs low or because you don’t like change), technology marches on, and the best way to make sure you keep up is to march with it. There are tons of incredible products to add to your dental practice, and if you figure out which ones are beneficial to you, then you can expand your practice and the services you can provide for your customers.

So keep on growing your practice with new products and pieces of technology, then you can support your patients and keep on growing!

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