The Surprisingly Huggable History of Huggy Wuggy

For children of the 80s and 90s. Huggy Wuggy was one of the most popular stuffed animals in America. With countless kids crying and refusing to give it back when it came time to say goodbye. At the end of the day. But why? What made Huggy Wuggy so special? To answer that question. We have to go back in time and learn about this cherished character’s history from beginning to end. Before we can understand why Huggy Wuggy was so popular. We need to understand who invented him and why he was made to be loved by children everywhere.

What is a Huggy Wuggy?

The self-proclaimed most huggable bear in all of hugdom. Huggy Wuggy is a plush bear who made its debut in 1942, shortly after being patented by Sewell Avery. With just two oversized buttons for eyes and a small fabric smile, it was almost immediately popular. But why? As it turns out. A lot of things were going on in 1942 that would make even little kids want to hug something. Like World War II and rationing.

How did the character come about?

While new parents may think they’re coming up with an original name. Huggy Wuggy has been around since at least 1984. When one parent wants to choose a special name for their child. It makes sense that they might try to avoid common names like John or Mary. Still, parents who are looking for something less-commonly used might be surprised to learn that some seemingly unique baby names have been taken by countless families before them. Take Huggy Wuggy, for example: It’s both uncommon and adorable—and definitely not unique!

Where does the name Huggy Wuggy come from?

One day, Gregory MacTaggart was thinking about that feeling you get when someone hugs you and how much people like to hug. This made him want to create a toy that would bring out that same kind of response from kids. He wanted a name that could start with a H and rhyme with Huggy Wuggy. After plenty of brainstorming sessions, he came up with his final name for the toy:. Huggy Wuggy Bear—and just like MacTaggart thought it would, children loved hugging Huggy and even kissed him!

What makes it appealing to kids

There’s a reason toys and products that invite children to touch and interact in creative ways tend to be so popular. The ability to use your hands is one of our most important senses—after all, we need them for virtually everything. According to Edutopia, some experts believe having multi-sensory experiences with toys like huggy wuggy helps kids develop essential learning skills. Learning how things feel is often just as important as learning how they look or sound. So hug away!

How has it changed over time

For many years, there was no consistency in spelling and pronunciation when it came to Huggy Wuggy. At times, he was written as Hugi Woogi (1850), Huwgi (1902). And even Huggo in an 1848 dictionary by Noah Webster. Eventually, however, it was spelled consistently with two Gs throughout: huggy wuggy. This has led many to speculate that his name is derived from a combination of huggie-wugs. An old Scottish folk song meaning goblins or gnomes—and doozy-bezzies—another Scottish term for a mischievous elf or goblin.

Where can I buy one now?

Although Huggy Wuggy once captured attention on toy store shelves, you may have a hard time finding one. And if you do find one, it might not be in great condition; these old dolls can start to look pretty haggard with age. Don’t worry—you’re not out of luck entirely. You can find vintage Huggy Wuggys on eBay for under $30.

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