How to Use the Bullish Engulfing Candle Pattern?

Bullish engulfing candle pattern is a major element of technical analysis, also used to define reversals in the value of the asset.

It is a pattern of a candlestick chart that emerges when a small black candlestick is preceded by a large white candlestick the next day, the structure of which entirely overlaps or engulfs the structure of the candlestick of the previous day. The bullish candlestick alerts investors that, after a previous bearish rally, buyers are in complete control of the market. To receive the benefit from the market reversal, it is often seen as a cue to purchase the market, referred to as going long. For those in a short position, the bullish trend is also a warning to consider shutting their exchange.

Bullish Engulfing Pattern

A two-candle reversal pattern is the bullish engulfing pattern. In particular, when a downtrend is going to come to a close, it seems. To be exact, it means a shift in trend, the formation of an uptrend. As the name suggests, the pattern consists of a pair of candles.

  • Number One candle- The candle is orange and is known as a bearish candle. 
  • Number Two Candle- A green candle pops up directly after the first one. The name of the candle is bullish, and it is lengthier than the former one. This activates below the preceding closing price and finishes above the preceding opening price. It swallows the orange one, hence the name: candle pattern bullish swallowing.

When they are accompanied by four or more black candlesticks, these patterns are more likely to indicate reversals. Investors should look not just at two candlesticks, but also at the corresponding candlesticks, which construct the bullish engulfing pattern. There are two principles for bullish candlestick patterns and those are provided below.

  1. Within a downtrend, bullish reversal trends should shape. Otherwise, it is not a bullish pattern, but a pattern of continuity.
  2. Many bullish trends of reversal need bullish validation. In other phrases, an upside price change that can arrive as a long hollow candlestick or void up and be followed by high trading volume must accompany them. You can experience this acknowledgment within three days of the pattern.

The positive supporting candle pattern is a bullish pattern on olymp trade checklist of a trend reversal. The most awaited and significant situation for olymp trade traders is that the candle framework has its wicks inside a whole former cup, but is too often not included in the implied volatility charts of most financial assets.


When the bullish pattern emerges, market action must display a strong downtrend. The broad bullish candle reveals that investors are actively piling into the market, and this gives the initial bias for more upward momentum. Traders will then search for evidence that, after the engulfing pattern, the trend is now shifting around by using indicators, core levels of help, and resistance and corresponding price action.

Using the Bullish Engulfing Candle Pattern

Bullish engulfing pattern can also notify you of possible trend reversal trading possibilities by using it as an entry cue. A bullish engulfing trend signifies the buyers are briefly in charge. So, when this trend takes place on the higher timeline (such as weekly) and leans towards a value field (such as support), that’s an indication that the market is likely to reverse higher. The process of using it is given below.

  • Identify the bullish engulfing trend that relies on the timeframe against an area of value. 
  • Go down to the timeframe and check for patterns of bullish charts (like a bull flag, ascending triangle, and so forth.) 
  • Look for evidence that after the engulfing pattern, the trend is indeed turning around by using indicators, main forms of support and resistance, and corresponding price action.
  • Exchange the breakout of the trend of the bullish chart.

Suppose you have a 5 minutes gold chart with Japanese candlesticks. You can see that the actual candlestick pattern on the market is not always flawless, but there are still many accurate patterns evident. You have a bullish checklist of patterns, which means that the first candle’s lowest price is lower than the second candle’s original cost. Nevertheless, the body of the second candle consumes the bearish body entirely. The three instances used in the chart also demonstrate that starting prices for green candles are likely to finish prices for red candles. Only since gold is an incredibly liquid market and on the intraday scales, you will not see many differences between both the earlier close and the current open. You should act immediately and open a long position to engage in a movement after the bullish engulfing candlestick pattern emerges. You should try opening the location from a lower time frame chart (e.g. 5 minutes) if you are using the 15-minute chart.


As with any other technical analysis technique (i.e., to research the nature of market participants in the sense of stock trading), investors can utilize candlestick graphs. On top of the basic observation, they have an extra layer of assessment that forms the basis for trading decisions. A bullish engulfing pattern, particularly when paired with the current trend, can be a strong signal.

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