How to Use a Top Loading Washing Machine

A washing machine is one of the most commonly used home appliances. Almost
everyone started using the washing machine because traditional washing methods need
heavy efforts. In the case of the top load washing machine, there is no need to bend
down to the door, as in the case of front load washing machines. The steps involved in
using the top load washing machine are:
● First of all, collect the products, that is, detergent and fabric conditioner essential
for the washing process. Next, pick the clothes to be washed based on the
capacity of your machine.
● Select the detergent and fabric conditioner that suits both the washing machine
and the amount of dirt on the clothes.
● While picking up the clothes, please ensure to check the pockets for money,
cards, or other important items.
● Select the clothes based on the color of the cloth so that the color strain on one
cloth doesn’t stick on to the other.
Washing process
● Pour the detergent first into the top loader.
● It is essential to pour the water somewhat nearer to the water dispenser, as it can
mix with the water easily.
How much detergent to add?
It depends upon the following aspects
● Dirty clothes need more detergent to remove the mud and strain on them.
● The size of the drum in the washing machine determines the amount of detergent
it can handle.
● The nature of water means the hardness of the water.
Placing the clothes inside
● Now take all the picked clothes for washing into the top load.
● Always make sure not to overload the machine.
● Too many clothes, when added at the same time, can lead to imperfect wash.
● The clothes must be added as per the color and level of the dirt on them.
Machine settings
● The machine has several options to wash the clothes which can be changed as per
our needs.
● The best option is to go by what is given on the labels of the clothes.

● Some of the most commonly used labels are
● Machine washable means it is suitable for machine wash
● Washing cold/warm/hot means 30/50/60 degrees respectively. If the settings are
unfamiliar, then go for the cold option.
● Wool wash is especially for woolen clothes.
● Hand wash is not suitable for machine wash and should only be washed by hand.
● Do not wash means the cloth in itself is not suitable for both hands as well as
machine washing.
● Do not wring indicates restriction to squeeze the clothes.
● Based on these indications, the settings can be changed.
● Now set the temperature (hot/warm/cold), spin (extra
high/high/medium/low/no spin), level of soil (extra
heavy/heavy/normal/light/extra light).
Unloading the clothes
● After the washing process is over, unloading the clothes as soon as possible is
● The sooner we unload the clothes, the fresher they are.
● Unloading can be done within a maximum of 2 hours after the washing process is
● After unloading the clothes, do not forget to close the lid of the washing machine
and off the power supply.
A top load washing machine is quite easy to use. Proper maintenance can help the
machine to last longer.

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