How To Login Into Piso Wifi Portal

Have you ever heard about internet service that is working in an arcade style today? If not, we are here with all information about that ISP you need to know. Piso Wifi Vendo is known as the largest ISP operating in Philippines. It is serving millions of users since it launch in 2017. The Piso internet was first launched back in 2011 with name PISONET but due to less popularity it was re-launched in 2017 with name Piso wifi. It is known as the cheapest internet service working in world that you can avail in One Peso. Yes, you have heard right, it can be accessed with one-peso through coin system. It is also known as the rental service that can easily be bought with coins if you have not much money.

The company observed that most of the people have not much money to avail internet services. So they decided to provide one-peso vending machine internet to everyone. Today they have grown to millions of people. In this guide, we will share details on Piso Wifi Vendo, how to access and login, default settings, benefits, and issues faced using Piso Wifi.

What Is Piso Wifi?

It is an internet wifi service that can be used both by business or personal related work. The is the gateway that has 4 sets of number ranging from 0 to 255. To each user, a unique IP address is given, the Internet service providers of Piso give a unique address from the range to each user. The 3 points 10.0.0 are the network id and the last point 1 is known as device id that is unique for all devices. Out of first 3 points, the first one 10 is known as network id.

How To Access Piso Wifi Vendo?

To login into Piso Wifi, the steps are really simple. You just need to follow them as described below. Don’t miss any step because if any missed, you can’t enjoy one-peso internet.

  1. First is to check if you have a router or not at home. Internet can only be accessed with router.
  2. Now open any browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari).
  3. Type in the search or simply A warning will appear which you can skip. It warning shows because you are accessing internet through different company router.
  4. After warning skip, a login screen will show. Type in your username and password in the fields.
  5. Now click on “Log In” and wait until you are redirected to the Router’s Admin page.
  6. Here you can change settings accordingly in admin panel.

Mostly people do mistake in the 3rd step. They put extra zeros in the URL bar or sometimes miss 0’s. You must check there are 2 zeros in the address not 3. Once the admin dashboard is open, you can explore it and learn about the internet settings. You are also allowed to change the settings that are best for your location. The panel also allow you to change IP address but we don’t recommend it to do.

Note: As there is range from 0 to 255 and you can route only in between like to The user is also allowed to change Xfinity ip address between to and for Comcast.

Default Logins (User and Password)

Below we have listed the default username and password of most of the routers. But it is not possible to list all here as there are hundreds of logins. You can still try these or can check username and password at back of the router device:

adminpass Piso Wifi Vendo Benefits

There are many benefits that you all don’t know of using one-peso Piso Wifi Vendo. We have tried to list maximum below:

  • You can use ip address as many times as you want.
  • People have less money or coins can easily access Piso Wifi internet.
  • You can manage bandwidth, users, and rate time.
  • If you are the admin, you can easily manage rates from anywhere in the world.
  • Internet service providers are still in profit with one-peso internet.
  • The using procedure is simple that attracts millions of people.
  • Piso Wifi Vendo internet is a free type service without need to subscribe packages.

Possible Issues Using Piso Wifi Vendo

It is possible using internet, you might face some issues like incorrect login details, long response time, wrong ip address, gateway not working etc. Below we have discussed issues that are faced by most users:

1. Wrong Login Details

First issue that users face is wrong login credentials. It is because they don’t know router logins that’s why we listed 11 possible username and their passwords above in this article. You can try one by one and if no one works, try to login with the username and password given at back of router.

2. Wrong IP Address

The second issue is users search wrong 10.0 0.1 piso wifi vendo address. We have already mentioned above that you must carefully put or simply in the URL bar to visit Piso internet website. There are 2 zeros in the URL and not 3 so be careful. The website admin panel can be accessed with and not or If you type wrong address, the browser will either redirect you to Google search or browser’s default homepage. Even if you add https in start, the address is still invalid.

3. Wrong Address Assignment

You might face this issue if your wireless network assign you an IP address itself. The auto sign addresses are not in the range of 0 to 255 which lead to no internet.

4. Gateway Not Responding

The last one is gateway not responding or taking too much time to respond. If you face this issue, you might need to change the IP address. The working and tested IP addresses are,, and Hopefully, these IP address will work on your side. If none of these also works, you need to check wire and hardware router. Try to restart the router or unplug and plug the cable again.


10.0 0.1 piso wifi vendo is almost a free internet service and costs only one-peso. It is used by millions of users in Philippines. Due to it’s almost free service, during internet use, users might see some ads that are shown by the company. These ads are the only way company earns profit so it is recommended to work with the ads. One recommended thing in last is activate Firewall while using this internet as it is possible you get virus or malware in your computer.

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