How to Get the Most Out Of PR for Maximum SEO Impact?

It is no doubt that all of us want more people to visit our page and increase our daily conversions. To create more traffic to your website or blog, you will need more people to know about the existence of your page. For this to take place, you will need your page to come up in a google search. Along with just coming up in a google search, you will want your page to rank on the top of the page.

This means you want your page to have a good SERP. SERP has two meanings, which are search engine results page and search engine ranking position.

When we say PR or Public relations, we are talking about the activities of your company that make your company look good in the eyes of the public. We want to be able to manage the opinion the public has of your company.

Search engine optimization or popularly known as SEO, is basically a way or method to optimize your website content so that it shows up in top results on a search engine. Specific keywords play an important role in directing relevant traffic to your website. You need to optimize your content in such a way that when one uses a keyword relevant to your content, your website shows up before other websites.

Now that we are clear on the concept of the two words, PR and SEO, Let’s dive into how they are linked.

Using Backlinks

PR agencies usually work really hard to get the names of their clients on well-known company articles, blogs, or news sites. When people are looking for reviews of services on well-recognized websites, your website link should be on there. Make sure it is not just a plain mention, but there is the presence of your website link. This improves your brand recognition as people will trust the well-known website.

Once you learn how SEO and PR work side-by-side, you will get greater outreach. Make sure the link is directed to a page on your website that requires a boost. Also, ensure you track the link and follow up on the behavior and traffic you have earned.

The internet provides information on many PR based companies that offer to connect you with blogs and writers.

It is also crucial to understand what your buyer wants. Then, you can place your website links on those platforms that have their interest, so you get maximum coverage.

Guest Posting

Many blogs allow people with growing websites to write posts on their blogs. When you write the post, give a hyperlink to your website to increase relevant traffic.

Also, in case you have found an article about your company on any website, don’t hesitate to write to them requesting them to add a hyperlink to your website.


A great way of knowing which websites are already talking about a particular field of interest is using tools like multiple Keyword search byWhatsMySERP. The WMS reliable keyword checker is available absolutely free. You can check for any keyword, and it is an amazing keyword tool for SEO. You can then contact the top websites that appear on the search to add hyperlinks to your website.

You can even find out which keywords are used and how frequently, using the WMS Everywhere free browser extension. This is an advanced SERP tool offered by WMS. You can view related keywords and know the volume and cost per clicks also.

Also, WithSERP API scraper from WMS, you have access to any search result in the JSON format, thus skipping proxies and captchas.

Another smart method is by finding out related keywords using WMS related keywords tool and using new keywords associated with your product. This way, viewers will only find your website hyperlink and information on typing the new keywords as no other website would have used it before.

Brand Association

Imagine you are running a hospital, and the hyperlink to your hospital website is present on the NHS website. The NHS website talks about how your hospital has great ethics and how it provides exceptional service.

Another example is supposing you have a website promoting your product. This product has been recommended by a very dependable and ethical blogger. On clicking the hyperlink on their page, it leads the viewers directly to your product page. Here, all the customer has to do is click on ‘buy.’ 

When you link your products or services to well-reputed brands or companies, your brand value increases in the eyes of the customer.

When your brand’s name is repeatedly present in various places such as news websites, blogs, social media, or anywhere else on the web, your brand name will inevitably be trusted by Google. This means your brand will go higher in rankings on search pages.

If Your PR Has Been Successful, Let Everyone Know

If your PR worked and you have been featured on well-known sites like CNN, why keep it to yourself?

Talk about it on your website. Let people know about it. If a publication they are already familiar with vouches for you, there are higher chances they will trust you.

Summing It Up

Your skills at PR will come in handy when you decide to upgrade your website rank and make a good impact on SEO. Maximum coverage is essential and targeting the right audience is crucial to increase traffic to your website.

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