How is the help desk ticketing system helpful in various organizations?

A helpdesk ticketing system is a support ticket system that is designed to gather and monitor all the customer interactions related to support their query. This helpdesk support system works with different support channels such as phone, chat, email, social media, etc. This customer interaction is always recorded for further assistance in future, regardless of the channel through which the customer has approached for his/her query.

The online helpdesk ticketing system allows streamlining the communication with customers with proper workflow, creating a ticket for the query. Not as email used for complaints, where no set up of basic query solving structure is needed and none of the query tags is provided to keep the customer’s query on priority.

The ticketing system enables the organization to gather all the customer interaction or conversations by generating a ticket for each query, provided through any channel phone, email, etc. to a central platform. So, the files are always easily accessible. The automated support activities enhance the efficiency of the organization and decrease the workload as well.  

The ticketing system allows the organization to keep all the queries organized in order to provide an effective and efficient solution to the customer. It creates a direct impact on business revenue, costing, customer satisfaction, and brand image. 

 Helpdesk Ticketing System Features

The major functionality and features of ticketing system include:

  • A central location to store all the query requests
  • Create a ticket on each query via email
  • Automated request forms for the query
  • Automated responses from the team
  • Helps to the single and short way of conversation to solve the query
  • Visibility of the ticket status for everyone
  • Accurate report generation of data and analytics

Few more features that are important are:

  • Streamline work with tickets:

First, it is needed to prioritize the tickets according to their status, type, etc. so that an appropriate solution can be provided to that. There is also an option to filter the tickets by which they can be easily sorted to work on.

  • Automatic prioritization of tickets to its assignee:

After the tickets are streamlined, they are automatically sent to their assignee according to the department of the query and the authorized people to resolve them. Now a workflow can be created to resolve the issue, by prioritizing the ticket according to the urgently needed solution. Here, the workflow that is created will totally depend on the customer such as their location, their subject line of the query, their status of urgency, how earlier the ticket was generated, etc.

  • Properly manage the SLAs:

The helpdesk ticketing system helps to provide a standardized service solution to the support team using service level agreements (SLAs). SLAs are set to resolve and respond to the issues and tickets in a well-approached manner.

  • Capture accurate customer information:

Through a query form which is to be created in a ticket, all the customer information is gathered accurately by marking the required fields mandatory. This will help a lot in streamlining the ticket resolving workflow and understand the customer’s query deeply. More fields can also be added for better understanding of the query.

Benefits of Helpdesk Ticketing Management System

  • Centralized System: A ticketing system provides a centralized platform to gather all the queries, resolve them and store all the data at one location so that it can be managed effectively.
  • Automatic management of tasks: Use helpdesk ticketing system allows to efficiently manage the process of ticket categorization and prioritization, it’s routing, further alerts and notifications for its status, that will help in resolving the issue more precisely.
  • Better Customer Experience: The solution builds better customer experience as well which is important to gain their trust and loyalty. It will automatically improve brand value.
  • Enables Prioritization of Work: The ticket generation enables the query requests to get priority according to the requirement and difficulty level of the solution. This much better way to solve the issues rather than solving them in the sequence you receive the queries.

Ticketing systems can assist in many ways, such as:

  • It will help the organization to build its customer trust and improve the brand image too
  • Assist organizations to avoid any major incidents that could have occurred of went unnoticed
  • The best solution to save a business time and money
  • Helps to reduce the downtime at a major level which saves a lot of money.
  • Build better interaction with customers to provide support and assistance anytime
  • Enables proper incident management to quickly resolve the issues


The helpdesk ticketing system assists to deliver the support to the customers and staff to properly manage the queries and incidents that have occurred or could occur in an organization. The ticket generation allows the quick and efficient way to resolve the issue with enough visibility at every step. The asset management software provides an integrated and seamless solution to deal with all the queries and incidents.

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