How Can Water Contamination Affect You?

Water is an essential resource for all living beings on the earth. Access to clean water is crucial for the survival of humans. Contaminated water sources can lead to various kinds of health issues in humans and animals. It is toxic to the environment. Water pollution is everywhere in today’s world. It is the contamination of water by water pollutants like chemical deposition or microorganisms. The main water pollutants are bacteria, parasites, viruses, fertilisers, pesticides, nitrates, phosphates, faecal waste, radioactive substances, etc. Water contamination is a major global crisis that is damaging the environment, health, and the global economy.  Are you looking for details about Camp Lejeune Lawsuit? Before that, let’s look into how water contamination can affect you. 

How can water contamination affect you?

Chemical waste in drinking water: Due to industrialization and the rapid development of infrastructures, water contamination is inevitable. Chemical water pollutants like fertilisers, pesticides, wastes from industries, heavy metals, etc., if ingested, can lead to chronic health conditions. Health issues like cancer, damage to the immune system, reproductive issues, cardiovascular problems, kidney problems, etc., are common problems in this case. 

Health issues from radioactive wastes: Radioactive wastes are common causes of cancer in humans. Radioactive minerals like uranium, thorium, radium, etc., and their decay pollute surface water and groundwater. These wastes are mostly the result of industrial pollution. High levels of radioactive matter found in water have led to an increase in leukaemia rates in children and adults. 

Effects of Bio-contaminants: Biocontaminants like viruses, bacteria, and parasites also contaminate water used for drinking purposes and other daily activities. This leads to many water-borne diseases that are associated with bacterial organisms like E.Coli and Cyanobacteria. The presence of viruses like Hepatitis A and adenovirus in water also causes viral diseases. The most common health problem arising due to bio-contaminants is Diarrhoea. It affects billions of children throughout the world and is a leading cause of death.

Impact of fossil fuels: Extracting fossil fuels and their processing leads to water pollution due to the presence of pollutants like heavy metals, benzene, methane, and other natural gases. These pollutants cause health issues like respiratory problems, nervous system disorders, and problems in the reproductive system.  

Contamination of food chain: The food chain maintains ecological balance in the environment. When contaminants enter the water and cause water pollution, it enters the food chain through drinking water. This causes an imbalance in the food chain.

Contamination of water is a serious environmental issue. Billions of people die every year due to drinking unclean water and inadequate sanitation. We all, as global citizens, should make conscious efforts to eradicate this evil from the environment. 

Affected by Contaminated Water?

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