Gervonta Davis to Relinquish 130-Lightweight Title

Having been crowned the WBA super featherweight champion after defeating Rolando Romero, Gervonta Davis has set his sights on becoming the undisputed lightweight champion. And with a win against Anthony Joshua, he could be well on his way to that goal.

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WBA Super Featherweight Champion

Earlier this week, WBA Super Featherweight Champion Gervonta Davis announced that he would relinquish the 130-pound title, which he won last October. The move is part of the WBA’s broader crackdown on multiple titles.

During his career, Davis has held world titles in three weight classes: junior welterweight, lightweight and super featherweight. He is a 25-0 pro who has won notable fights against Jose Pedraza, Hugo Ruiz and Leo Santa Cruz.

Gervonta Davis won the vacant WBA super featherweight title in April. He has been granted an interim title to retain until the final resolution of the fight with Roger Gutierrez. The WBA’s decision came after a conversation with ABC. The fight was originally set for December 2021.

The WBA’s decision came as a result of allegations of sexual assault against Rolando Romero. The fight was canceled due to the allegations. The WBA has yet to decide on a purse bid.

The next scheduled bout for Davis is against Dominican Republic’s Alberto Puello. Puello previously held the WBA interim title. The two fighters were expected to be IBF eliminators.

WBA Lightweight World Title

Having won both the lightweight and junior welterweight world titles, Baltimore’s Gervonta Davis is in a position to make a decision on which title to keep. The WBA has begun to tighten their belts and is starting to be more strict in the case of multiple titlists.

The WBA has not officially announced their timeline for the unification of their weight classes. However, the organization has stated that the time frame will coincide with the painting of the Forth Road Bridge in Scotland.

While the WBA intends to unify all of their divisions, it isn’t clear if the next major bout will be for a single world title in each weight class. This could mean that several champions will have to face each other in the near future.

It’s possible that Gervonta “Tank” Davis will be the next to unified the WBA lightweight and junior welterweight world titles. In February, Davis defended his title against Hugo Ruiz.

Gervonta Davis will next fight Hector Garcia on January 7, 2023. This will mark the fourth pay-per-view event that the rising star will headline. The fight will be held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Rolando Romero fight

Earlier this year, boxing fans got to see the rivalry between Gervonta Davis and Rolando Romero in action at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y. The match was scheduled for December 5 in the Showtime PPV main event. However, after sexual assault charges were made against Romero, the fight was pulled from the card.

Romero and Davis have a history of verbal confrontations. They have exchanged trash talk in the build-up to the fight.

The fight was originally set for December, but was pushed back to May. In the interim, Davis fought Isaac Cruz, who was accused of sexual assault. He beat Cruz in the rescheduled fight and became the WBA “regular” lightweight champion.

During the build-up, Romero was verbally attacking Davis, saying he would knock him out in the first round. He was also given warnings for repeated fouls.

The first three rounds saw Davis struggle to get a handle on Romero’s style. He landed a few hard punches and seemed to be feeling his way, but was never able to get the same kind of results that he was accustomed to.

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