Elements of a Commercial Restaurant Bar Design

The elements of commercial restaurant bar design are essential to get right the first time for your restaurant bar to be successful. You need to ensure that you have the proper prep stations in place while still leaving plenty of room for your restaurant and bar staff to work quickly and efficiently.

From the wall decor to the types of light fixtures you use, everything is important in creating the type of environment you want for your guests to enjoy. In this article, we will focus on the main elements you need to open and operate a successful restaurant bar that you can be proud of.

Design Concepts

When creating the environment for your restaurant bar area, you want to ensure that your bartenders will have plenty of space to move about freely while they are making delicious drinks for your customers. You also want to keep in mind that you do not want your bar to be too narrow to the point where guests do not feel like they have enough room to enjoy their drinks. Your wait staff, as well as your bartenders, need to have at least three feet between the area in which the liqueurs are displayed and the counter area of the bar to prevent accidents from happening and allow sufficient movement, especially when the bar area is packed.

You will want to install several drink stations throughout the area so that your restaurant staff has plenty of room in a designated place in which they will pick up their drinks from the bartenders. It is even better if your drink stations include garnish centers, ice bins, soda guns, and the most often used glasses for the convenience of bartenders and wait staff.

The material that your bar top is made of is a critical element in creating a positive experience not only for your staff but for your customers as well. You want it to look pretty, shiny, and clean but you don’t want it to be slippery, causing drinks to spill over. You may want to opt for a stone bar top which can be found in a variety of patterns and colors, but they are not great if a glass spills over because this stone allows the glasses to break more easily. You may also opt for a bar top that has rounded edges, but this may not be the correct way to go since it can lead to people missing the bar top and spilling drinks on the floor which can end up costing you money and your staff extra work. You will want a bar top that looks nice but is functional and safe for your staff and for your customers.

Consult with the Professionals

It is very important to consult with a company that has been helping restaurant and bar owners create the perfect space for their customers and staff members for many years. The restaurant bar experts at Mathias Foodservice Equipment Company can assist you in the creation of your restaurant and bar area while also providing the equipment and accessories you will need to become successful.

You can hire the professionals at Mathias to create a unique restaurant bar design for you as well as install all of the elements to create the perfect space for you. The folks at Matthias have over three decades of experience as well as the knowledge and tremendous skills that are needed to create a restaurant bar area that will give you the highest level of satisfaction when they are done. They can fill you in on what type of appliances you will need as well as the bar equipment you must have in the accessories to simply make life easier for you and your staff while providing your customers with top-notch service.The goal of the restaurant bar professionals at Mathias Foodservice Equipment Company is to create a comfortable and functional bar space that is extremely efficient so that customers get waited on properly and quickly while your staff is happy with the layout and the location in which things are located to make their jobs easier. Mathias only uses the highest quality products, accessories, and equipment and will work with you on staying within the budget you have set forth to be used for your restaurant bar. They will work with you every single step of the way so that you have plenty of input into how the overall project turns out. The company can also provide all of the bartending supplies, drinkware, drink stations, and bartending supplies that you will need for your professional restaurant bar design and installation.

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