Easy-to-Learn Hobbies to do at home this Year

Rewind to a couple of months ago and many of lived a way of life that was fast paced, jam-packed and sort of downright exhausting!

Whilst we were used to dashing out of the door at 7.30 every morning to battle the morning commute, then straight to the gym or a yoga class after the 9-5, and usually not even making it home until late in the evening.

Many of us had convinced ourselves that this way of life was productive. Yet there were unprecedented rates of stress amongst the population.

In the present moment, life might be quieter, but we have to admit that by slowing down and taking the time to reflect on our daily routines, it’s now easier to see that perhaps we weren’t being productive at all.

Whilst nothing quite beats sitting in a beer garden with friends on a sunny Friday evening, or heading off out on the weekend, spending time at home has actually made many of us more productive than we’ve ever been.

So whether you’re one of those people that have re-discovered every single movie and TV-series that has ever graced Netflix, or you’ve released your inner Picasso, it’s safe to say that embracing our inner child and finding things to do at home hasn’t been all bad.

But in case you’re close to going stir crazy and could do with a few more things to do, here are our five top hobbies to take up at home this year.

Learn a new language

Whilst holiday plans are on hold, now’s the time to start brushing up on your GCSE Spanish or French and broaden your horizons for when it’s time to walk down the aisle again!

Learning a new language can be challenging and takes daily practice but the results are oh so rewarding and can create many opportunities for the future, from meeting new international friends, to even working or studying in a foreign country.

What’s more, there are a huge variety of options out there, from free audiobooks that enable you to listen on the go, to free apps such as Duolingo that enable you to learn at your own pace.

whilst participating in community challenges with other like-minded learners.

It’s thought that learning a new language can boost brain power, improve memory, enhance decision making and even ward of illnesses, so now’s the time to pull out your Collin’s dictionary and get started!


Ok so it doesn’t sound like the most glamorous thing to do, but getting out in the fresh air and sunshine to do some gardening can do wonders for your state of mind.

Not only does getting out in the garden increase your uptake of vitamin D, getting out in the outdoors for at least 30 minutes is proven to also reduce stress.

Believe it or not, it’s also a great form of aerobic exercise, so if you feel like you’ve been slacking with your exercise routine lately, this could be a great way to ease yourself back into it.

Whilst buying plants and flowers from a garden centre can be expensive, buying seed packets is a much cheaper option and can be rewarding as you watch your seedlings grow!

Taking up Gardening as a hobby has many health and psychological benefits.

Workouts from the lounge

Whilst the gym might be off the cards at the moment, there’s never been more opportunities to get involved in an exercise class or a workout routine.

What’s more, online workout sessions via the likes of zoom are one of the best ways to combat loneliness, socialise and meet new people!

Whether you’re interested in perfecting your problematic dog or you’ve always wanted to learn Zumba, there are so many ways to get fit from your own front room.

Head over to Peleton for a 90-day free trial of guided workouts or try downloading an app such as Couch to 5k for something a little more challenging!

And with all those Instagram challenges about, it’s best to get preparing so you’re not caught off-guard!


Terrible cook! Well say good-bye to microwave meals and hello to fresh ingredients as with all this new spare time on your hands, there’s no excuse for not having the time to cook anymore.

If your one of many of us who are slightly challenged in the kitchen, we get it, picking up the wooden spoon and trying to decipher which is the thyme from the parsley can be a little bit overwhelming, but the reward at the end is oh so worth it.

And if we’re going to specific, cooking has a range of psychological benefits as psychologists class it as a behavioural action, meaning its something you can do to find meaning rather than finding something to do for the sake of it!

Cooking is also a popular hobby – use fresh ingredients to recreate some of your favourite dishes.

So, if you’re bored in the house and in the house bored, now’s the time to get up of the sofa, click no to ‘are you still watching?’ on Netflix,  discover your new found passion from the comfort of your own home!

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