Double Eyelid Surgeries Myths That You Should Stop Believing

Double eyelid surgery is one of the most performed cosmetic surgeries in Asia. Reason being? Many Asians believes that they can be “more attractive” by having double eyelids. But despite its popularity, there are still many myths surrounding double eyelid surgeries, which we hope to get rid of in this article! So let’s debunked these myths, one at a time!

Double eyelid surgery can fix sagging eyebrows

So many people get confused with  a brow lift procedure and a double eyelid surgery. They are two different procedures, with similar techniques, and sometimes affecting similar areas as well. But, the focus of the two procedures are totally different. A brow lift focuses on fixing your sagging eyebrows. It aims to fix the look of your brow so that your overall facial feature will be more welcoming, more symmetrical, and better overall. Sometimes doing a brow lift will also affect your upper eyelid that you won’t have to do a double eyelid surgery to make your eyes look better and younger in a natural way.

Meanwhile, a double eyelid surgery is specifically made to fix eyelids. It is not engineered to fix eyebrows. Sometimes, a change in the upper eyelid may impact the eyebrow as well, making it look better without doing an actual brow lift. [1] However, this isn’t always the case. Most of the time, the double eyelid surgery won’t give significant impacts to the eyebrow. And if the case of sagging eyebrows is bad and extreme, then a double eyelid surgery will not help fix the sagging eyebrow at all.

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Double eyelid surgery can fix dark eye circle

Dark eye circles are those bags under your eyes that make you look less bright. It is also something that many people want to get rid of because without the dark circles, they look fresher and younger. A double eyelid surgery that is done on the lower eyelid can help improve the dark circles around the eyes. The main goal of the double eyelid surgery isn’t to fix the dark eye circles, but the procedure can also affect you eye bags in a good way.

In some cases, having a double eyelid surgery means having the dark circles removed from the eyes as well. In some cases, the surgery will improve the dark pigmentation, so that it doesn’t look as dark as it used to. However, the key here is that double eyelid surgeries tend to improve the dark eye circles. The main function of the double eyelid surgery isn’t to fix the dark eye circles. So, if you’re going for a double eyelid surgery on your lower eyelid, don’t expect that your dark circles will be gone because of the surgery.

Double eyelid surgery increases crow’s feet

No, that’s not right. The right way to do a double eyelid surgery is to not have any visible incisions and to keep it within the lengths of the eyelid. This length shouldn’t go as far to reach the area of your eyes that you know as crow’s feet. Unfortunately, some surgeons choose to extend their incisions to the crow’s feet. This then becomes a problem because now there is a part of the incisions that are visible. If the purpose of the patient is to improve their looks in their crow’s feet, the patient should consider doing a mix surgery, not only a double eyelid surgery. For example, they can opt for both a forehead lift and a double eyelid surgery.

[1] Park, David Daehwan, 2015. Aging Asian Upper Blepharoplasty and Brow, from

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