Do You Need a Lawyer When Applying for U. S. Citizenship?

Because of the options citizenship provides for immigrants and their families, becoming an American citizen is an ambition pursued by a lot of people. Although becoming a citizen of the United States offers access to several benefits of living and working in the U. S., it comes with some responsibilities. A U.S Citizen Lawyer can help those who are applying for citizenship streamline the application process. 

Reasons to Apply for U. S. Citizenship

American citizens have access to the following options:

  • Avoid deportation. When a person becomes a U. S. citizen, they will avoid deportation. Legal permanent residents can be deported if they have some criminal convictions. Legal permanent residents can also be deported due to some behaviors.
  • Get citizenship for children. The minor children of legal permanent residents in the U. S. become American citizens once their parents gain naturalization. 
  • Reunite with families. U. S. citizens may submit an immigration petition to be reunited with their families. U. S. citizens can submit a petition for other members of their families such as siblings, parents, and married adult children, legal permanent residents can only petition for their spouses, unmarried adult children, and minor children. 
  • Vote. U. S. citizens have the right to vote during elections. 

Those who become U. S. citizens do not have to surrender their origin. A lot of nations allow dual citizenship, letting U. S. citizens keep their status in the U. S. and their country of origin. 

Why Hire a Citizenship Attorney

The green card of a permanent resident can be canceled due to a number of immigration breaches or criminal charges. Typically, permanent residents do not know that they are putting their green cards at risk. And they may only learn about their tendency to be deported when they submit their fingerprints to get a new green card. But this will be too late. 

Once the USCIS declares a permanent resident to have breached immigration regulations, they will face removal proceedings. They could avoid this situation when they never applied for the benefit from the get-go. 

If you want to avoid wasting money on a failed citizenship application, you should hire a citizenship attorney. Your lawyer can help you prepare the necessary evidence and legal arguments to support your case. They can advise you on the papers to prepare and determine whether you meet eligibility standards such as good moral character. By having an expert who is aware of each stage of the application process, your chances of success significantly increase. 

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