Digital Marketing: Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in 2020 No One Will Ever Tell You

With the high usage of computers, smartphones, and other digital gadgets, there is a tremendous increase in the number of jobs that are related to digital marketing skills. As we all are fond of using digital devices, so every company’s core focus is to make strong marketing strategies now. Because this will get recognition and traffic. 

Successful businesses always have powerful digital marketing, which helps them to gain trust among the audience. 

If you’re still wondering what digital marketing is and how this field is providing job opportunities? Then here you go. 

-Digital marketing is the use of techniques and tactics which are implemented with the utilization of internet, smartphone, social media, search engine, and other available platforms to promote the business and reach the audience. 

Since the technology is climbing the hills of advancements and innovations, the market and the companies have made digital marketing their center focus to gain the traffic. This has resulted in the demands of jobs in digital marketing.  

-Digital marketing is the only industry that is estimated to grow at $68 billion and more in the future, stated in a report in 2019.

Digital marketing is a specific discipline; however, I believe, whether you are interested in the business or your interest lies in management, if you find peace in being a tech person or if creativity calls you, digital marketing and its related jobs are related to all of these disciplines in some ways.

If you are searching for a digital marketing job, then here we have crafted a list of the top 10 highest paying jobs that lie under the umbrella of digital marketing. Coursework website supported, these jobs are in demand and will stay in demand because technology and the use of digital devices will keep on increasing in the future. 

Digital Marketing Manager:

The highest paying job in digital marketing is of the Digital Marketing Manager. He is one who plays a very important role in tracking all the digital campaigns and the implementation of the tactics in an accurate way. It is the job of a digital marketing manager to create a timeline, set the goals, and manage the budget along with other tasks. They must have outstanding communicating and collaborating skills. 

Content Strategist:

Another job in demand from the field of content marketing is content strategist and manager, whose duty is to maintain the content which revolves around the goals of the company along with the exact ideal audience. The content strategist must be aware of using the tools to analyze the topics which would generate traffic to the company and its digital media as well. Writing skills and a strong grip over the concept of SEO is also a plus point. 

SEO/SEM specialist:

Do my coursework stated that the job of SEO and SEM specialist is also the highest in demand. They are responsible for bringing maximum traffic to the website because companies and businesses are in a race to rank higher in the search engine result pages. They make sure to create the content in a way that could drag the targeted audience. This job is also best for freelancing and remote working purposes. 

Virtual Reality Developer:

Virtual reality is in the nascent stage, but the field is still growing with popularity. Many companies are developing techniques to include VR into their digital marketing campaigns. It is a high-technology job for people with a strong grip on the technology. Virtual and augmented reality are also assumed to be the world-changing technologies in the upcoming years. 

UX designer:

Another job in demand is a UX designer or User Experience designer. The person with a strong technology background and a firm grip on human behavior must go for it. The responsibility of the designer is to build websites, products, and applications in such a way that would engage the customers to buy the product and give it a view. The entire goal of the UX designer is to keep the experience of the user in mind and then work for sales improvement and lead generation. 

Email Marketing Specialist:

Digital marketing also keeps the field of email marketing under its umbrella. The specialist of Email marketing is the one who is responsible for creating and launching the email campaigns, so the creation of the customer information and its related databases is maintained. To become an email marketing specialist, the person must have efficient writing and editing skills. 

Social Media Marketer:

Digital marketing is also providing the job of social media marketer. The job of the social media marketer and manager is to help the companies to communicate with their clients via every social platform. The analytics are also being used to check how the consumers are interacting with the brands. Social media marketers are also responsible for creating engaging and impressive content marketing campaigns to attract the audience.  

Analyst and AI Specialist:

We all are aware of the tremendous increment in Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. This is also providing job opportunities concerning digital marketing as an AI specialist and data analyst. The data analysts are responsible for creating the systems which must help in organizing and examining the data. This would result in the correct interpretation, and the companies would be able to apply them in their digital marketing campaigns. 

PPC Specialist:

One of the common demanded skills in the field of digital marketing is the specialization in PPC. Many businesses and companies are generating a huge amount of revenue with the help of paid advertisements. Here PPC marketing and PPC specialization get in the picture, and the PPC specialist must plan the campaigns to make outstanding data-driven decisions. 

Mobile Marketing:

Mobile marketing is another highest paying job under the title of digital marketing. It is a multichannel marketing, which is done online. The tactics which are used in mobile marketing completely focus on the targeted audience of the smartphones, tablets, and another digital device. Mobile marketing specialists have to develop and implement marketing campaigns with accurate management. 

Digital marketing is the only field with vast career opportunities and incredible jobs in demand. Students who are thinking of pursuing their careers in the field of digital marketing are highly recommended to go with any of the above-mentioned fields. A person who possesses any of the above quality and strong background in any specified area is highly encouraged to apply for the mentioned disciplines. These disciplines will lead them to a job that would pay a handsome amount in 2020!

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